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  1. Personally I think it would look better with a roof mounted fifth wheel hooked up to a 45,000 lb trailer!
  2. Sharp lookin' unit, job well executed. Look forward to seeing the finished DOG.
  3. You sure the 44k wasn't advertising current mileage after rollback?
  4. Wasn't there one like this at the Macungie 2012 show?
  5. I tend to agree with all of the above............accept the go green part.............just kiddin'
  6. I will keep your number handy, I was blessed enough, among other things, to have had to replace 4 within the last 5 months. Soon I should be back to work and replace the last 2
  7. Price is cheap enough, condition looks good. And truth be known both are alot better than the gas mileage, huh?
  8. Know any local firefighters, most of those guys could probly give you a good lead, and enjoy helping with your shared intrests.
  9. Sure hope you're having as much fun as you sound. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And keep on truckin'
  10. Don't know exactly where Stoney Point is, but we have a shop within our area (1/2 hour) south of Corning, NY that stretches frames, install axles for wreckers and other trucks. If you need contact info let me know.
  11. Would not rule out a jeweler or watch shop either.
  12. I was informed recently, my last trip to Beam Mack in Elmira, NY a week ago that it wont be much longer and NY will be doing the puff test like NJ has been for awhile now.
  13. PA is more lax, MD is a no no, NY I would not trust, shit they do db readings on motorcycles, I avoid that state with my Sportster.
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