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  1. im not sure, i'll have to pull the piping off and inspect for shaft play. It looks to me like it's a relatively new turbo housing, so im guessing it was replaced at one time ... but looks can be deceiving. i'll let you know what i find
  2. Do you guys own Pumps too? I run a Schwing 42 meter pump and Telebelts myself. Looks like you got some nice, pumpable mix! Liked your FB page ~brandon
  3. Wow , these are really cool looking trucks!
  4. yeah at the end its definitely audible .. the hill i was going down was completely dry as well. Just for reference, this is the same truck that backfires out the exhaust when the engine first starts to warm up while using the engine brake
  5. I've attached a video from yesterday, but its really bad since had my 4-ways on the whole hill so all you can really hear is BEEP BEEP BEEP... had about 45 cars behind me at the bottom of the hill ... Anyways, whats going on is when i'm in the 1400-1700RPM range when using the engine brake the truck starts to bounce almost like its driving overtop of small bumps in the road. Im just wondering if the transmission may be going bad? Any tips on what you might think the problem is? Thanks guys, your the best Brandon
  6. Guys I work with keep taking a screw driver and punching a hole through the buzzers because the turn signals buzz too. Its so annoying every time you get into another truck, and the low air buzzer isnt working
  7. I use the clutch always on the mr688s. I love upshifting because i can leave the jake on full and catch the next gear quicker but if I'm driving a freightliner I just float the gears. Only clutch for stopping and reverse
  8. Im pretty sure that if the trucks performs the job, and is DOT legal, that it will stay in service as long as possible. The reason you probably don't have all new equipment is your likely from an area that isn't very big (just a hunch). At my workplace, we have concrete pumps from the 80's, and they still go out and do jobs. Every once in a while we get a new model pump, and get rid of one of the older models. The money probably isn't there to afford to buy three or four 1 million dollar pieces of equipment.. I really dont have any experience in the Firetruck field though, so my answer is ju
  9. Thanks SuperDog, very helpful information. I just got my first order in today from Mack, I'll order that stuff tomorrow!
  10. Oh okay. I was thinking that the Air Dryer may be going bad or the compressor seals were going bad. Glad to hear its normal. Thanks
  11. I am getting oil in my tanks when I bleed the air off over-night after work. Just a spirt of oil on the ground then just air. What causes this? seals in the Air compressor? How can I stop this from happening? The truck just broke 500,000 miles
  12. Yeah stupid me.. wasn't thinking, its the AC compressor. Thanks for the info. Just have to slow down a few days to get at it. How long should this take? I have torches and tools to complete the job
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