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  1. Well, they're not useless all the time, and doctors might not be too busy all the time. Killing an innocent baby right up until birth, like Va. governor ralph northam is all for, is still just wrong, it is murder, it is wrong.
  2. Here's the link anyway- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157713652139517
  3. A link to all the pictures I put on flickr opens when you click on the "fine ass in fishnets" picture.
  4. I went out to dinner with them later, we went to some place called Twin Peaks. That's me in the orange shirt, with the hostess at Twin Peaks. Zina from Florida asked her if she would take a picture with me and she said fine.
  5. It's not too late, if you do go, check out this place called Twin Peaks. It's pretty good.
  6. I saw a big Mack truck in McKees Rocks. I saw a girl in a car too, but even better than a girl in a car, I went to Florida and saw lots of bikes over at a place called The Cabbage Patch. We went there the last time I was there for bike week. I liked it better than Daytona myself. Daytona is just too crowded, and there's plenty to see and do at the Cabbage Patch. Lots of food, beer, bikes, babes, T shirts, etc. Here's some of the bikes I saw- everybody loves boobage, right? oh, almost forgot one- Big Mack truck for sale in Fred
  7. yes she is! Here's a picture I took of her at Daytona a while back- Small but feisty- she's about 5 feets tall...maybe.
  8. I don't think I could ever vote for a democrat , mainly because of of their abortion stance, it's just wrong, wrong, wrong. But, with that being said, Cuomo isn't nearly as far out there as most of those morons- like "the squad"- and does seem to have a good bit of common sense.
  9. https://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/category/photos/awkward-hall-of-fame/page/2/
  10. nope, whatever's on her mind comes out of her mouth.
  11. Actually her name is Zina FROM Florida. And she has a sister named Vicki from Florida. Unfortunately you never got to meet Vicki from Florida. She's hilarious and has no filter.
  12. what does this do, if anything? (10) Facebook.html
  13. I just ran across this page on facebook the other day. It has tons of old photos of cars and drag racing, some of the local ones from this area too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1543880112553183/media/photos I even found a picture of this car there- I think i've mentioned this car on here before, because I saw it a Suffolk, Va. in the 70's. This is the Vette that had the big GMC six cylinder truck engine in it, hood scoop sat way off to one side. It would pull the front wheels like that every time he changed gears, all the way to high gear. I think the car ran 10.00 or
  14. that reminds me, I went to sunny Florida and went to bike week. I'll post all the bike pictures I took.
  15. Zina from Florida lives in Winter Park.
  16. you're right, crappie and bream are both delicious, especially the crappies.
  17. The problem is northern Va. and the Tidewater area. That's where the majority of the population is and those areas pretty much control the whole state.
  18. First truck I drove was a 4070A Transtar too, 1974. 290 Cummins with a 13 speed.
  19. We used to haul lumber from Drakes Branch, Va. up to Cortland, N.Y. It was a good run, I liked it but haven't been there for years.
  20. Fish, I saw fish too- catfish. The menu at a little food place at the Daytona Speedway. The prices look like they can be changed easily, they probably jack these already sky-high prices up through the roof during race week. The concession stands in the grandstands are probably even more expensiver.
  21. It was headed south. I took the picture in S.C. when traffic was backed up because of an accident. Couldn't get a very good picture, but it was behind a white 9400 International, didn't notice the name.
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