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  1. That's what i'm going to do too, i'm going to get a money order and make it out to him so he'll get the money directly.
  2. No, it is current. I couldn't send a message to that e-mail address, so I sent him a text message last night asking for an address, and he had answered this morning.
  3. I always had difficulty staying within the lines in coloring books, but thank you for the kind offer. You will like the book, it really is good.
  4. It is really a great book, no doubt. When I saw his post it was...bitter-sweet, I guess you'd say. I was happy to see he was still with us, but it's a little sad to see that he has financial issues. It just seems wrong, but i'm going to help as much as I can too.
  5. I just happened upon the name "Cliff Bishop" on facebook yesterday. He replied to some post on some truck page. I thought "no- it couldn't be THAT Cliff Bishop"- but it was! He wrote the book "18 Wheels North to Alaska", which I have mentioned several times here. It is really a great book, i've had two copies, and i'm gonna order more to help Cliff out. Tells the story of the big Mack trucks on the great arctic expedition, the story of the famous Letourneau "snow train", and much, much more. Just a great read. He also wrote a children's coloring book, I think i'll order a few of them too, to give for Christmas presents. He was in his 80's when he wrote that book, and still doing some trucking. And oddly enough, for some reason, I thought about him last week, wondering if he was still alive. And not only is he still alive, he was still doing a little trucking up until a few weeks ago, but he said he was done now. I sent him a friend request on facebook, and he accepted it. I just feel humbled to know-kinda- this man, like Old Bill. But anyhow, here is a post from his face book page- This is a post to all who know me or have heard the name Cliff Bishop in Alaska or the south 48. I'm doing this to explain my unique situation. I'm a WW-2 Veteran and long time Alaskan, I worked and owned both Trucking Companies and Oil Business's in Alaska and also wrote the book Eighteen Wheels North to Alaska and a kids coloring book, Kenny Worth the Big Red Truck, I'm 95 years old and will turn 96 in 24 days. Now I'm pretty certain that most everyone in planning their retirement do so with the thought that they will live to.be 80 or maybe 85, my investment's ran out when I reached about age 90, as most of you know I renewed my CDL this year at age 95 And went to Naknek, Alaska to work, well it was a great idea, however even though I drove side dumps, end dumps, and tankers there was no continuity to any of it and I ended up spending more than I made for the three plus months I was there. I have had a couple of my close friends offer me financial help knowing that I'm trying to survive on my Social Security which with my wife's amounts to approx $1600 per month, now I have never asked for help or tried to get food stamps etc., It is not in my makeup to do so and I'm not asking that now, what I do have is both of my books mentioned above, what I'm offering is the book 18 Wheels North to Alaska which usually sells for $19.95 for $15.00 postage included and the kids coloring book for $10.00 postage included. Now I know many of you have already bought these books but just maybe you have friends, grandkids or relatives who would enjoy them? I might add that it would probably be three or four weeks before I could get them delivered. How about just in time for Christmas? Contact me by text at 360 990 1201, or by email at bishopsr@hotmail,com. I want to thank you for even considering doing this and in my personal thanks to each and everyone. Sincerely, Cliff.
  6. That one was magnesium, it kept bursting into flames even after the fire department doused it with water and put it out- several times. The fire was my fault. I was smoking a turkey in this old gas stove that I made into a smoker on Thanksgiving day. It was too close to the shed for one thing, almost right up against it. And I should have raked the dry leaves away from around it and wetted the grass with the water hose, which I usually did but didn't that time, and I should have kept a closer watch on it.
  7. They washed it the last time it got a wash job. They even brought some friends over to help, but I don't know who's who here.
  8. the rest of the story... there's one of the saws. Pretty sure that's the XL12, it had a 16'' bar, the 925 had a 20'' bar. here's another one. This is the 923 Homelite that I had in there for parts, didn't have a bar and chain on it.
  9. I was kind of wondering that myself.
  10. I had a Homelite XL12 that was about that old, it was great saw, cut tons of firewood with it. I also had a bigger, much heavier Homelite, a 925 that I only used for bigger trees. Unfortunately, they were in the shed when...you know the rest of the story.
  11. Green Dash is pretty active on facebook, but I think he works nights.
  12. Yep, I drove three K 100's in the 80's, nice trucks, especially for a company truck in the day. They had deluxe interiors and big power. The first one I drove had a 350 Cummins, the last 2 had 400s. The last one also had an engine brake.
  13. I've been to several Guy M. Turner job sites over the years.
  14. Way back when, when I was young, when you cleaned your car- now known as detailing- we would use brake fluid on the tires to make them shine. One guy I knew was wiping his tires down with brake fluid on a rag, had the can of brake fluid and a can of beer sitting on the ground by the tire, picked up the wrong can and took a swig of the brake fluid. I don't know if he actually swallowed any of it before he spit it out, but he had a good mouth full of it, and it didn't kill him or anything.
  15. beautiful place you got Bob, especially the smokers, grills, and barbecue equipment!
  16. I did not get any pictures of any girls in any cars, so here's a picture of a girl in a car from the interweb. Looks like she might be in sunny Florida.
  17. I'm sure they would have, but they were off at some tractor pull.
  18. I brought that Kenworth home and washed it last week. Looked pretty good. Better than this GMC/Volvo I saw in Texas I think. I saw a crop duster dusting crops in Arkansas too. And this neat looking little yellow truck somewhere, I don't remember where it was. And a friend of my son went to a tractor pull somewhere, sent these pictures. Apparently he has excellent kodiakatronomy skills too.
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