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  1. Yes it is. It looks like he had 4 straps on that center stack too, I don't know what might have caused that situation, but he had major problems.
  2. I saw a big Mack truck. A big peach. I saw this truck on the shoulder on I-81 Friday. It was on the north bound side, just north of Harrisonburg, Va. I don't know what happened, he was about to lose the lumber though. The piece hanging off is the rub rail of the trailer. I saw this at Neville Island, Pa. Used to see them on 79 a lot, sharp looking units.
  3. I saw this former Overnite Transportation F model sitting at Litchford's Garage in Concord the other day. I stopped yesterday and got a few pictures. You used to see these all the time, Overnite, Smith's Transfer, and many other companies had similar F model Macks, and then all of a sudden you say "hey- don't see those any more!"
  4. Well thank you very much, I know!..and I am!
  5. They were there at the same place, but in a fenced in lot. I think she was as impressed with the buffalo as she was with the trucks!
  6. Her camera is pretty bad-ass too. I took these pictures of her pictures off my computer screen with my camera. The close-up of the buffalo's snout looks like an alien's face...I suppose, i've never actually seen an alien's face.
  7. She just informed me that she ran into a dignitary there, known as Brocky. And a dignitary known as Highbinder.
  8. I even saw a big Mack truck myself. This B model has been parked in that spot for years, McKees Rocks, Pa.
  9. Our Winfall Wimmens correspondent from sunny Florida is at an ATCA show in Leesburg, Fl. today. She has sent a few pics. back to the Winfall headquarters already. Nice T shirt! That Brockway is the cat's ass!
  10. That's what I do, I take most of my pictures with a camera rather than the phone, then I plug the camera into the computer when I get home. I can do a lot more at home on the computer than I can from my phone.
  11. Yep, sad but true Randy. Nowadays the joke is "backup radio", because the only time they turn them on is when there's a backup- "hey, what's going on?..why are we stopping?". Mine is on from the time I start the truck, but I can understand "backup" radios because of all the B.S. and nonsense going on in the mean time, mostly from local base station a-holes that seem to just want to aggravate truck drivers.
  12. Yep, the Petros have the Iron Skillet restaurants, about the best truck stop food in my opinion. I don't stop at them much, but they do have a really good breakfast buffet.
  13. I heard several others say the same thing. I don't get the channel it was on so I watched it on youtube. I think it's a 30 minute TV show and the youtube video was 15 minutes, so it was half commercials on TV.
  14. That's been my thoughts on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York many times so far, that "people actually voted for her?"
  15. You're right about that Mike. Maybe I could do like people at work, they quit, stay gone a few weeks, then come back and get a new truck and the best loads. Maybe if I became a Mexican citizen, then snuck back in before they build the wall...I'd have it made!..get all kinds of free shit too...
  16. Amazon is amazing. I don't know how they do it, but I order stuff from them and as soon as finish ordering I go pick the item up off the front porch. Sometimes it's been there since yesterday.
  17. man, that's the cat's ass right there!
  18. Just kidding, happy birthday Rob!
  19. I'll pain't that fire truck for you if you want me to. Just let me know, so I can get the Krylon and bring it to Macungie. I don't use that cheap dollar store crap, only Krylon, so it won't be cheap. The paint alone will probably be 25 or 30 dollars, then you got your tape, old newspapers, etc. You're probably looking at close to 40 bucks.
  20. Last time it snowed, back before Christmas, I had to clear the driveway with a round point shovel and a garden rake. That was a lot of work, so I went over to the feed store and bought me a grain shovel for the next time!
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