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  1. I got 2 little packets of grease that's for using on light bulbs so they don't get stuck in the sockets at the parts store. That's what the parts guy gave me because a container of the "real" stuff was about $12- is that even the same grease?
  2. Well, I had mentioned several times what an excellent wife she would be, and how anybody would be lucky to call her his wife, and she agreed that yes, she would be "a good catch", so then I thought "maybe it could be me". I ordered a ring from Steven Singer and gave it to her when I was in Florida. She's having it sized now because I had no idea what size to get and it was way too big. I told her it was all pending your approval, so she hasn't made an official statement yet.
  3. Thank you😁 I'm not getting any younger you know, or better looking.
  4. I finally got a load to Florida, so I could see my fiancee. I loaded it on Wednesday, July 3rd. and it didn't deliver in Davenport until Monday the 8th, but I left Wednesday afternoon with it. I was going to go to Best Buy or somewhere to look at cameras before I left, but she said she knew of a great camera shop near where she lives and we'd go there. I've sent 2 Nikons in a row back to Amazon, and it's nice to be able to look at a camera, try it out, see how it feels, instead of just ordering it. The guy at the camera shop was real nice and very knowledgeable about the products too. I really liked a little Sony he showed me, but it was just too small, way smaller than the little Nikon I dropped. So I was down to a Nikon B500 and a Lummox camera. I went with the lummox, it seemed right for me... Just kidding, it's a Lumix, made by Panasonic. It's a bit bigger than I wanted, it's as big as my D3300 but it's a "point and shoot", and easy to grip. Seems to take good pictures too, even "drive-bys" came out pretty good. And, it was cheaper than the Nikon I sent back. It looks like this- I took these pictures with it- this is a plane. These are reptiles. We went to the Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive, or something like that. It was great, you drive this trail, it's one way, you can stop anywhere and take pictures, that's where we saw the large reptiles, and even saw one with a huge turtle in it's mouth. And it's free. I've got more pictures here- I tried the camera out on a girl in a car too. Not the best, but...the picture was actually better than this, but it was too dark. I tried to lighten it up but it made it worse, not as sharp as it was at first I saw a bird when I got home too. And, Dodge pickup update- new distributor installed, no change. A local mechanic who's a Mopar guy, has a couple of them he drag races, told me it was probably the computer. He told me to unplug it and put some of that electrical plug grease, can't remember the name of it, in the plug and see if that helps. So i'm going to try that next, the thing has about driven me crazy.
  5. No wonder! I should have gotten the Everclear model.
  6. Not many pictures because my camera is broken. However, I did use the computer to draw this myself- You're welcome. I looked at my pepper plants the other day and noticed that something was eating the plants. And I never even saw this big-ass caterpillar, even though you can see it in the picture. When I finally found it the next day I ran inside and grabbed the .30-06 and shot it in the head. It was a biggun all right! And the camera- I dropped my camera at Macungie. It was one I got to replace the one I dropped in Johnstown a few years ago. I have arthritis bad in both of my hands and I put the strap around my neck every time I pick my other camera up, but this smaller point and shoot doesn't have a neck strap. It's the one I carried with me in the truck, and pretty much everywhere I went. I had dropped it before and it chipped a corner off it, but it still worked OK. But this time finished it off for good, it won't do anything. So I ordered a replacement camera exactly like it from Amazon. It was a discontinued model, so I had to get a refurbished one. It was on the front porch when I got home too. All was good, except it didn't work, it would not focus properly. So I sent it back and ordered the upgraded model of the old model, brand new, over $400. And this is what I get- A big purple haze in the middle of every picture. I've tried all different settings, different modes, same thing. It's much worse in low light, but you can still see it outside in full light. And except for the purple blob it seemed to take pretty good pictures. I took this close-up of a little green peach outside, it looks pretty good. But you can still see a faint bluish area on this pear, also taken outside in full light. So it's already re-packaged to send back to Amazon too. I like Nikon cameras, they're all i've used for years, after trying Kodak and Canon digital cameras, but sending back two in a row makes me wonder if I should give a Sony a try.
  7. Here's a few cars that i've seen run there, but I don't think all the pictures were taken there. I'm pretty sure the Wisecarver Brothers and the Lawman Camaro were someplace else. These were just pictures I found on the interweb and saved them on my computer. I always enjoyed watching cars like these run more than top fuel or funny cars. Except for this guy in this 72 Nova. It wasn't super-fast, ran 14.20's, but that's not too bad for a 3 speed and 3.08 gears I guess. I later put a Muncie 4 speed in it and a posi. traction rear, and had a set of 4.11 gears ordered for it when it got wrecked by a friend of mine. Nice Chevy II at Richmond. The Wisecarver brothers are from Rustburg, and they were serious racers, even building cars for people for a while, they might still do. I've seen them running at Bristol on TV before. They had this car and a 66 or 67 Chevy II station wagon also, they would haul one and tow the other. Sharp Camaro. There was another Camaro i'd seen there called "Outlaw". And a favorite of everyone, Slow Ride. Big block Chevrolet, one carb, powerglide trans, 9.90's all day.
  8. I always said Montana was the prettiest place i'd ever seen, and I only went there once, in January. I'd love to get another load of steel going to Payallup now and see everything when it's green.
  9. Speaking of Richmond Dragway, some friends of mine from Powhatan put a 427 in a '67 Chevelle one time. I remember it had a cross-ram intake on it, the 2 carbs. sat kind of catty-cornered on it. First one of them i'd ever seen. It was just something they put together, mainly for street racing- that was big in the 70's. They took it to Richmond to see what it would do, and the first trip out it turned a 12.04. I'm not sure why I remember this, but I do. The next pass was like an 11.99, and they wrote on their time slip that they were done- 12.00 was the cut-off point and they could not put that car on the track again until it had all the required safety equipment, roll cage, driveshaft loops, helmet, etc. when one pass previous they were legal and had zero safety equipment!
  10. Is that the old Richmond Dragway, kind of back behind the airport? I used to go there in the 70's, rt. 60 to Seven Pines, turn by the 7-11 store. Didn't know if it was still open or not.
  11. Not sure where this is-
  12. Here's most of them, I have a few more to upload, and i'll put them in an album later, but here's what i've got so far- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04
  13. Macungie pictures. I have more on another camera to upload, but this is most of them. https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04
  14. It was at a place called Hubbard Park, I don't know the name of the mountain.
  15. B 53S. These were two of the best looking B models i've ever seen.
  16. The picture that was on the camera, after cropping it some-
  17. We went to the greatest antique truck show on Earth in Macungie, Pa, then to Connecticut to see the redhead's parents and some of her old friends, then on the way back we stopped in Bethlehem and looked around the old Bethlehem Steel site, then toured the Mack Museum before we made it home. It was fantastic. We saw this in Macungie- We saw this in Ct. She took me to this place up on that mountain when I met her in the early 80's. We saw this in Bethlehem. And this was at the Mack museum-
  18. ...and it could have been much worse, I cropped most of the Freightliner out, but I would have to crop me and Bert too to crop it completely .
  19. And I was expecting Jim Hancock to be wearing a straw hat, that's why I couldn't find him.
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