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  1. Buster Brown stopped by here this week,and left A package with all this stuff in it...
  2. other dog

    Catching Up

    Hi Paul,congratulations on your prize package! They are some nice looking T-shirts.Already had A black one so I told Barry I wanted A gray one,and it really looks good with the green trucks.I've never tried to sell anything on e-bay either,but I've been thinking about it for A while.I've got A lot of old NASCAR papers from the mid 80s to about '90.Used to subscribe to it,and saved them all-Grand National Scene and then it was Winston Cup Scene.They might be worth something,might not,but I've got them in two big styrofoam coolers in A spare room and they need to go somewhere!
  3. other dog

    Jeff's Jokes

    After the funeral Tuesday I mentioned to Jeff that it was the longest funeral I'd ever been to.He said "yeah,if I go before you do,try to keep mine down to about 30 minutes,and one song-'roll on big mama'-something everybody'll like". He's very funny.Only made one round this week,it was very slow.I went to Donora,Pa. with 6 pallets of kyanite-half A load,usual load is 13 pallets,little over 46,000 lbs.Made up for it coming back though,loaded 3 coils at Beech Bottom,W.V. going to Emporia,Va. to unload Monday morning - they're A little over 50,000 lbs.Total weight of course,not 50,000 each-I'd have needed A push truck to get home.
  4. can't believe nobody has commented on the Mack picture from Winchester last year...left everybody speechless I guess...that's A first.
  5. Tha's A good one.I don't go that far west anymore,never did much,but I like chili with beef (I use hamburger when I make it ),red kidney beans,tomatoes,onions,garlic,chili powder,cumin,maybe a green pepper,and A little more cumin,and...that's about it.
  6. Also you can check out Hank's truck pictures-go all the way to the bottom and you can type in whatever you're looking for,he's probably got pictures of it somewhere on the site.
  7. yeah,I had to replace A brake chamber not long ago,and had to order the 24/24 chamber because the 30/30 chamber would rub the inside of the tire.
  8. WOW,9.05s! Now that's slow all right.I doubt if a quadruplex would give you much more road speed-it'll give you some because the duplex,if it's a ten speed and not the 9 speed overgear,is direct in high where the quad is a double overdrive. But if it only does about 35 now,I just don't know how much more the quad. would get you with those rears.My mixer has A 673 and A quadruplex and it'll only do about 55,but I don't know the rear end ratio. So I didn't really tell you anything,but that's my specialty here-B.S. and nonsense...somebody's got to do it! Meanwhile,there are some very smart people here and somebody will have A real answer for you.
  9. It's almost time for the antique truck show in Winchester,Va.-September 20-22.I've been to the last two,and it's A good one! Saw this funny looking Mack there last year...
  10. Saw in the paper this morning that Mrs. Moore passed away Sunday. She was the wife of H.H.Moore,mother of F.L.Moore,and Jeff and Todd's grandmother.I work for them now at F.L.Moore and sons,but I drove for H.H.for more than 25 years,started there in1979. H.H. and Evelyn started H.H.Moore trucking co. in 1946.I'll be here until tomorrow now,so I can go to the funeral.
  11. Hello Fabian,I don't know how to put the little squiggly thing over the "a", but it is nice to see the old trucks still working.Last week I was stopped at A red light on rt. 14 in Ravenna,Oh. when A nice looking B-model tandem dump truck came up behind me and turned right when the light changed,so I couldn't get A picture.It was dark green with black fenders,nice looking truck,but still on the job-BMT member maybe?.Might have been Freighttrain,that's his neck of the woods.
  12. other dog


    OK,Iknow this isn't the recipe corner,but today I cooked some doves on the grill- Jobyna's son Billy,who lives in Glouchester,Va,had to work in the area this weekend and is spending the weekend with us.His coworker went dove hunting and he brought 16 doves home this evening.I used to go dove hunting when I was A teenager,and I don't think I had 16 total kills in my dove hunting career. My mom used to cook them,but I didn't really remember how.So I put them in some wreynolds wrap with some olive oil and the rub,put A strip of bacon over them,put them on the grill,turned them once,and I must say they came out very delicious.Whod'a thunk it?
  13. other dog


    I cooked some ribs yesterday,and I know this isn't the recipe corner,but they were so good I thought I'd share. I saw A recipe in A magazine once,two rappers had A rib cooking contest,and I kind of modified the winning recipe.First I slice the ribs into serving size pieces,then boil the ribs in beer with A little garlic,black pepper,and some of my homemade barbecue sauce,which is mostly just vinegar,red pepper,and liquid smoke. Then after they've simmered 'til they're done I put them on the charcoal grill and brown them on both sides,and they're good to go.They always come out tender and delicious.And that's the recipe of the week...tune in next week for tomater sammiches.
  14. Interesting stuff ? Oh,I didn't notice that part before...well, congratulations Paul!
  15. I must agree.Back when they were probably the most popular engine on the road nobody had many good things to say about them,but they've definately stood the test of time,and like A small block Chevy,definately one of the greatest engines of all time.I love to hear one now.When I went to the truck show recently in Troutman,N.C. I thought there was A lot of trucks there that weren't antiques ,but then I realized the anteater KW came out in the mid 80's so I guess it is an antique-thing of it is,it made me realize that I'M an antique now too!
  16. Well sh....oot! I didn't know they even made 903s anymore! I've seen Terra Gators before on rt. 20 in Ohio for sale-maybe I'll stop and pretend like I'm A potential buyer to hear one run.
  17. Oh yeah,I'd forgoptten all about them! How about when you'd pull into A truckstop tired as -well,very tired,fall sound asleep and jump straight up a little while later scared as -well,scared because the truck parked next to you had an air starter and it startled you half to death!
  18. Well,happy birthday-I'm 51 myself.

  19. Yeah,the truck was OK-the flat top looks way better,and I thought it was A good job overall,but the trainset-I just don't get that.I'd rather have my bed,but maybe it's retired to just shows and parades,and ain't nothing wrong with that.
  20. Oh,and how about those Farmalls? Thousands of them still working every day. But that just reminds me of the 350 Farmall my brother had and sold for $850.
  21. Yeah Paul,I was saying the same thing the other day when I was commenting on the Diamond Reo I saw on Youtube.When Jobyna was taking me to work I said my old mixer is 42 years old,and in pretty good shape.F.L.Moore and sons have new Petes,Freightliners,KWs,and A few IHs,none over a couple of years old-I asked her "how many of these trucks do you think will still be around in 42 years?". She said "probably none". I agreed.
  22. other dog

    Week's Recap

    New battery,I should have said,not batteries.They only replaced the one that was bad,so now I've got one new and three old ones.Should have replaced them all in my opinion with winter coming.But I did get 8 new drive tires too.They put Generals on it-had Michelins before-and boy did they feel funny at first.Went to Dillwyn to load and thought I'd hit A patch of black ice in the first curve,but it was 85 degrees. Went to Fremont then Macedonia to Roanoke and thought I might be done for the week,but then I had to go to Avon,Oh. and reloaded at Sharon,Pa. for Lynchburg.Had A little small adventure on the way back. I got off of I-99 at Roaring Spring,Pa. to get A drink and A sandwich maybe.I was thinking there was A little fuel stop there,but apparently I was mistaken.Didn't see A fuel stop or A turnaround spot,so I kept going towards Roaring Spring to turn around at the Wal-Mart,but didn't see one of them either.So I continued on,rode through town,ended up on 867 south,had no idea where I was headed,road getting smaller and smaller.After A few miles the road got bigger,but still no where to pull over to look at my map or turn around.Finally I saw clearance lights approaching and hollered on the radio,"HELP!" or something,but it was A straight truck.Fortunately he did have A radio,and told me to go to the stop sign and make A right,go over the mountain and I'd be right back to 99. So I did and when I made that right I started climbing.When I got in the high side of the transmission I had to go right back to the low side to get over the mountain. When I finally struggled to the top the sign said 12% grade,next 2 miles.So I eased on down,still in the low side because I didn't know the road and didn't want to run up on another 15 mph curve like I did coming up.Got back on 99 and didn't even want A drink and sandwich anymore.
  23. other dog


    Don't worry guys-I know everybody was loading their jumper cables to come over and get me started this morning,but it fired right up.Now I gotta go to Lynchburg and unload then to the shop for fuel and some new batteries,then to Dillwyn to load Kyanite going to Fremont,Oh. So I'm off like A herd of turtles as Bill would say.
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