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Stupid Computer (Freighttrain)

other dog


Been having all sorts of PC problems ever since I burned the last truck show pictures to a disc. Still think the HP photo program that was installed on the computer clashes with the Kodak program I installed when I got my camera. I couldn't even get online without going to a shortcut to youtube on the desktop and the screen resolution just went haywire and I couldn't get it to adjust back. The desktop icons were half as big as the screen. Ive been everywhere in the control panel trying to fix it but nothing seemed to work. Probably would have helped if I knew what I was looking at. I was just about to take it to a computer shop in Appomattox yesterday when my son Morgan suggested trying the system restore, so I did, going back to the day before the truck show. Seems to be OK so far.

Thought things were picking up a little but it's still pretty slow. The week before last I was home until Wednesday evening before I got a load out, and had to be in Florida the next morning with it. Last week I didn't get out until Tuesday. Unloaded in Neville Island Tuesday night but then sat all day Wednesday and most of Thursday before finally getting a load in Sharon, Pa. going to Sanford, Florida.

Been running Florida a lot lately. When it gets cold and the snow is up to the bumper Florida loads will probably be hard to come by,eh? (that's Canadian)


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