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    Road Transport, past and present. Mechanic by trade, have been in road transport for over 30 years. Owner Operator, one truck ( Mack ) on bulk haualge, aggregates, coal, fertilizer etc in and around the Waikato and upper North Island of New Zealand.

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  1. 1986 RW 713

    quite like the Superliners with the air filters and gear under the Hood, most if not all here in nz had external set up,s.
  2. 03122010.jpg

    Looking pretty good Mate, keep posting the updates, thanks. John H.
  3. A few trucks that I have driven over the years.
  4. Name: Mack FR 700 (1980) Date Added: 21 August 2010 - 01:45 AM Owner: John H Short Description: Hi spec for then with air con, elec lh window, full trim and sleeper. 375 v8 with allison auto, had large winch fitted shifted drilling rigs, machinery etc for Ministry of works geothermal division. Not mine, I just love it, it is now with a collector who is only the 2nd owner. View Vehicle
  5. 16072010.jpg

    I like the look and the way that you are updating the elec's etc, will you work the truck or use as hoobby/show type of thing? At some stage I would like to restore/rebuild an R700 myself, there are one two survivors here that I may be able to get hold of. Keep up the good work, looking great as said.
  6. 1997 CL

    Hi, Great looking CL V8's.
  7. Very nice looking Mack, does it have the original V8? I guess very rare, none here in NZ.
  8. Hi Dave, that's a cool photo of days gone by, like the Michigan doubles too, always been fascinated by them. John H.
  9. Really nice looking truck, a model we don't or did not get here in NZ.
  10. Mack RB Series....

    RB Mack.Hi, They were NZ only. R series with set back front axle, the bonnet was made here, done by local Mack dealer and importer Motor Truck Distributors.Similar set up to the Aussie set back axle Value Liner, no v8 version here though.
  11. Very nice looking MH, always loved the look of them.