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  1. I had 135,000 on my 05 CV & the same shit happen to mine, Eaton Junk.
  2. Thanks, LED Strip lights from Auto Zone $40 for the pack. 2, 2ft pieces on the side & 3 in the front, behind the name plate.
  3. 1st thing I ever drove @ 7yrs old. Was & always will be, a Great Truck.
  4. Name: Mack CV713HD (2005) Date Added: 15 March 2012 - 01:24 PM Owner: MACK FREAK Short Description: Tandem Dump View Vehicle
  5. There are still alot of V8 Macks in the North East @ least in Central/North Jersey. This pic was from the Early 80's, don't know what happen to the truck though it was a friend of my Father's. Alot of B81SX's, DM811SX's, DM886SX's & Superliners from around here have what's left of the V8's. Need a lot of Torque for the Hills around here. There is one 80's Custom Maroon Pete that has a Twin Turbo 700hp Marine Mack Engine that he uses to haul Stone with a Bath Tub Trailer out of Bound Brook Quarry, Sounds Awwwwwsome! I have to find my pics of it.
  6. Thanks, I got these from a friend of mines Daughter that Passed 2 months ago. the Company was the Main Company from my area that did most of the Excavating.
  7. 2000 RD688SX 400hp, Mack 13 spd, 5:02 58,000Lbs Rears, Beau-Roc body, Pintle Hook, 1 Tail Gate Shoot ,185,000 Miles 11 x 24 tube type tires, NEW Recap Tires on Front Tandem, 50% Tires on Rear Tandem, 75% Tires on Steering Axle(All Bridgestone’s) NEW Paint on Dump, Frame & Front Bumper, Turbo, Cam, Brakes, Drums & Hardware.
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