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  1. Hi All, from what I have worked out the R series had spread rails at front requiring steering box to sit inside the rails, the mack westerns had straight rails requiring the box to be on the outside. Grant
  2. Hi All. hope all is well over there. I spent alot of time sorting out the 866, crank is to far down to fix, E9 liners will fit with some block machining. you can still use the 866 heads. piston pin hieght is the same and will give you a stroked 865/866 I ended up putting a 3406 Cat in mine, but if i dont sell the 866 stuff I have it will get built sooner or later. just got the old mack on the road last week. Grant
  3. Hi, I said before that Volvo be bad for mack, but I recently drove a new superliner with a triple road train and the 685 MP10. it went quite well, would not use there 12 speed auto tho, that is just not suited, would be running a good old 22918B road ranger and upping the horsepower to 700. a Mack got the bull dog for a reason, they cant loose why the Mack got that dog and should not loose that reason in the fuss of ignorance. Grant
  4. Hi, can do, still waiting on the guy pricing the one i have. the auction should say something about the truck. Grant
  5. that juk yard air ride doesnt look factory either. you will also need to fit rollers to where the hood hits the cab to. the cab will move quite a bit when its finished. Grant
  6. this sort of thing is also done to change the speed limiter here in Australia. dont want to get caught tho. Grant
  7. Hi, that sleeper looks more like 42 inch? the triples are an interesting ride. cant do much movement with the steering wheel and the third sways a bit. there 173 feet long and get lots of freight moved through out the north west quickly. this truck averaged 1.47 kms to 1 litre of fuel so thats 3.6 mpg and this one has that ad blue stuff that is added into the system for emissions and only went back with 2 trailers the worst I have seen fuel wise is just under 1 litre of fuel per km so this did quite well on fuel. Grant
  8. Hi. Ok will price getting it copied when get back. Am up north in new mp 10 at moment with a triple. Grant
  9. Hi, could probly get this one moulded? or what about the one thats on my Duck replica? it doesnt have the humps in the middle? more sleak.
  10. Hi, sent you a message. here is a pic of it.
  11. Hi, does any one know the lift/duration and all the cam specs for an 866? thanks. Grant
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