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  1. And I was expecting Jim Hancock to be wearing a straw hat, that's why I couldn't find him.
  2. Ha! No, it does not. We saw you.
  3. Here it is. I'm standing on two IC Light cans.
  4. Everybody likes that GMC, myself included. The owner invites everybody to get in it and look around. It's unrestored, has old oil cans in the side box, cigar box in the floor, just looking like it's working in about 1960.
  5. Still on the camera, 399 pics. Time for a drank...
  6. Here's just a few of about 400 pics. I took at Macungie, the rest are on the camera so I'll have to wait until I get home to put them on the PC. I took these with the phone, never tried posting pics. from the phone before either.This is the lovely Tami Elise- Bacon wrapped meatloaf- I think this was the best yet.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear this Rowdy, I remember how you had the passenger side up your truck fixed up for him, he was almost like a BMT member himself.
  8. I write the caption first- let me back up, I do this at home on the computer, not the phone, which I'm on now- let me back up some more, I'm on vacation this week and adult beverages are flowing freely- I select all the pictures that I'm going to use first, they are saved on my computer. So I write my caption, hit "enter" on the keyboard- that puts whatever you put next on the next lower line. Then I just click on whatever picture I want, and it's under the caption. Hit "enter" again, next caption is under the picture. If you want the caption under the pic, just post the picture,hit"enter", th
  9. I'm with you, I like the KW cab. Drove a big "gussied up" -as Jerry Clower would say- Peterbilt for several years, and they're over rated in my opinion. I like the look of a W9 better. Those new Western Stars are really good looking trucks too, but i've never driven a Western Star.
  10. I just want it to run so I can actually use it, got lots of stuff I need to haul. If the distributor and or computer doesn't fix it, I give up- I'll give you a call.
  11. There was a thing under the green machine that was turning, like a big paddle wheel.
  12. I went to a job site in Ohio a few weeks ago. I took a load of structural steel there, sat there all day waiting to get unloaded. I saw these big Mack trucks there. They would get loaded from these bulk tankers, looked like lime or cement, I don't know. then they would drive back and forth and make lots of dust. Then this huge green machine would drive back and forth, doing something or other, what, I don't know. I saw a girl in a car somewhere along the way. I saw a dog in a car too. But getting back to the job
  13. Yes, I saw it sitting by the road with a "for sale" sign on it. I thought "that's a nice looking little Dodge right there". Short bed Chevrolets are everywhere, don't see that many Dodges. So I turned around and went back to look at it. Crawled up under it, bone dry front to back, all 4 tires wearing even. Next thing you know, I had called the number. And before I knew it I bought the danged thing. Had it over 3 years now, probably haven't put 300 miles on it.
  14. I'd love to do that, only thing holding me back is money, or the lack of I should say.
  15. Well thank you very much for that info! It has a V6 in it,4 speed, and runs very good except for when it has those spells.
  16. They are indeed backwards, I didn't even notice it.
  17. It's a 91, from what I understand it's the first year of the computer and the throttle body injection that it has. Good looking little truck, but it will just quit at any given time, just like you cut the key off, then it'll come right back to life. Been doing it since I had it, you never know when it's going to do it. Might go weeks trouble free, or you might not get out of the drive way before it starts. I've replaced every sensor on it, some twice, still does it. I just got it from a shop in Concord a couple of weeks ago, the guy said he fooled with the timing some, and drove it a whil
  18. That Dodge is over at the shop in Concord, I'm going to drive it home Wednesday so she can bring the car. I don't know if it would make it to Macungie, I don't even know if it will make it the 26 miles here. It's been in one garage or another ever since I got it, and nobody can fix it. I think I might order a new computer thing, the ECM? I looked online, you can still get them for that make, model, and engine for $129. If that doesn't fix it i'll sell it for scrap, or whatever I can get out of it. I've already spent about $10,000,000 on it, mostly for nothing.
  19. It will She said it will be nice to see you again too.
  20. I always take tons of pictures, but she has a new super-powered camera that she got for Christmas that she's going to bring. I would need like a 3,000mm lens that cost thousands to have the zoom capability of her camera, it's pretty awesome. Not that you need that much zoom for a truck show, but it's nice to have if you do need it. She's taken some incredible bird pictures with it. It will take close-ups like this- And check this bird out. I don't know how far away it was, but you can see the tiny water drops on it's feathers. Heckuva camera. And it rained all night,
  21. Yes, she is. I'm planning to be there too. She's very excited, she said she would go if I didn't, she has friends there now.
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