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  2. That sounds awesome. Love that truck. It's carrying bigger loads than I am legal to carry on road with a big 4 axle truck! LOL.
  3. I had a Gentlemen approach me about F model windshields. He said the last 2 he bought were $1400. Cant verify that. Nice looking F! Love the 4 headlights
  4. Nothing at this point. Enjoying life for a change right now. Trying to decide between a few different options. It's pretty tempting when you can change careers and make almost as much money with nothing but a lunch pail.
  5. 549: That's classic! They worry more about there carbon footprint than selling trucks. Now that they have met there footprint goals may bee they can put some money into increasing Mack market share.
  6. Bullhead: What did you replace the Star with.
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  8. Remove the pump measure the roller width and confirm with the vendor! would be my suggestion! the wide roller will work on the narrow cam but not the other way! The difference is may 1/6 of an inch how ever just enough to wreck stuff!
  9. I did talk to the Mack engineer that got the 4 valve heads on the E9 and got the story on the Big 6 and E9. The Big 6 was in development and had lower end durability issues. The END865 was in production and most all the bad problems worked out over years of production. It was deemed easier and faster to use the big 4 valve head on the aging V8 than to continue development on the Big 6. The V8 was increase to 998 cu/in, the new 4 valve heads installed, lower end crank and oiling beefed up and all came to be the E9. It came down to using what was there and not starting from scratch. Mack knew they needed a big engine and the E9 was it. Glad it was produced in number and made big power.
  10. Yes parts are still available. The oil pumps normally do not go bad in the E9. The pressure relieve spring does over time. It wears the side of the spring in the housing and pressure is reduced as a result. Dale Frances Engineering in Painsville Ohio has all the parts from Mack when they cleared out Hagerstown. 440-254-4046 I know he has the springs, I got 2 last year. PAI is a good source to.
  11. You need to be careful with these in some of the older older pumps the roller width is narrow if u get the wrong pump with the narrow roller and use it on a wide cam u can ruin the pump! I hesitate to make any comment other than that!
  12. That almost looks like me running it? It sounds more like a 673, then the 237? I wonder what the year is on that video? I know it wasn't that busy with people when I ran it. Dave typically ran the bucket, someone would drive the truck and his wife Nancy would run the dozer pushing the dirt over the hill for Dave to scoop up. He was not afraid to fill the bed up!! No DOT to worry about LOL!! The only downfall was the lack of power steering. After a couple hours, my hands were getting a bit red(due to lack of gloves). I told him that is why I liked my air assist.
  13. Unprofitably low rates have been the bane of American trucking since deregulation in the late 70s- Used to be that everybody made good money in trucking, now it's a dogfight for every last bit of "backhaul" freight!
  14. As said above for any relation to rust. Looks cool. Tough as a small bulldog What is the source of blue smoke on the 2nd and 3rd pictures?
  15. The b handled them big loads pretty good! How many of these new operaters could handle a shovel front that good now? terry👍👍
  16. It is just off Munson Avenue in McKees Rock, PA if anyone wants a new project.
  17. Will do but this is the type I've been after for quite a spell. Needs some crossmembers replaced and they are simple weldments of jr. I beam. Nothing serious for sure as the main beams are sound. 28' or 29' in the well and about a six inch rise to the approach angle from the ground. Needs deck replaced as it's very aged but could probably be stretched into another years use. Not really looking to use it for work yet and setting up for next year. Manually detached and attached the neck without dumping the air in a yard tractor easily using just a 4X4 oak timber and no tools! Same friend who's tractor is pulling it in the photos will get it to me as I don't have anything licensed to work. I could probably run with the antique plates empty but rather play it safe. The trailer is almost 475 miles distant.
  18. What year engine? Is a rebuild kit offered for your original?
  19. Thats what I have been told, that would be a road train bull bar, strong enough to hook onto and pull a 100 plus ton out of a bog You can buy cheaper but they aren't manufacturer authorized so your warranty is void No matter what happens people always seem to be keen to come in and under cut, seems to have always been the way in the free enterprise world we live in It is a shame that old trucks are all getting forced off the road as that's how a lot of owner drivers start Paul
  20. That may be the case, but they also need to quit working for nothing driving the rates into the ground. Like I said, we have new trucks, over $200,000 each and we have to compete with guys that have old junk and have to hide from the MTO/DOT and work for $53/hour. But now with the emissions and SPIF laws it is finally forcing some of them to have to upgrade. And it looks good on them when they are going broke. That's why I quit hauling salt. Picture this scenario.....You have a $220,000 truck and a $160,000 three axle pony dump trailer. Hauling 42 tonnes of salt, 63,500 KG gross up and down 8 to 12% hills for 5 hours each way of the trip. In blinding snow storms. And for that you get to make just over $200 for the day after you pay the fuel. And we quit and yet guys keep flocking to them to do it. And you say $15,000 for a bull bar. Last time I priced a Mik Mak moose bumper (same thing basically) that are heavy duty and can withstand moose hits, it was $3500 to $5000 here depending on options. May have went up now with all the tariff's but still wouldn't be that high.
  21. I would NOT call that a "Rat Rod"!!!!!! It is a great pick up conversion!!!!
  22. The United States Postal Service cooperating with a Chinese Communist Party-led autonomous truck company........what could go wrong?
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