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  2. Sorry for the delay, crazy busy lately. I'll get that for you tomorrow! Hopefully I can find it.
  3. Ok I can make it do it while I’m driving it. Just have to get them in the truck. Thanks for your info Mack Technician
  4. Ordered 4 of my old reliable brand -- M&H Racmasters 12.2 x 33 x15 "Nostalgia" slicks. Sticky and good for 3500 lbs and under usually run 22 to 24 psi . No damn idea why I went to Hoosiers. See how it runs Oct 5 & 6 at Silver Dollar strip in Reynolds Georgia M&H rubber and 4:88 in it with a 4:56 in the crate just in case.
  5. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/mack-dump-bed/6973226558.html Not mine, wish it was LOL. Ray
  6. Usually a Mack tractor will have a 12,000 rated front axle and 40,000 pound rated rear axle, but the Texas weight limit on the tandem is 34,000. Texas will sell you a permit for 10% over on the axles which would allow you 37,400 on the tandem but the front axle is limited by it's 12,000 pound rating, so the heaviest you can run provided your within bridge formula is 49.400, so no point in licensing for over that. With that 12 yard box I hope your loads are light, wet soil car run 3000 pounds a yard and would probably push your load well over legal weight and invoke a liability for that HUT you're trying to avoid. You're doing it the hard way, easier to start with a real dump truck.
  7. There is something spectacular about those iron horses. I’m heading up to PotlatchDeltic, Bemidji, MN, on Monday for a training session for the customer version of Liebherr LIDIA. The software replacement for SCULLY. Two of us are going up there to learn the new customer version. If we remain intellectually stonewalled by Liebherr, in terms of machine access, the superintendent of our department said we’ll be exploring the new wood handler line CAT is introducing after January. That’s really good news! Cat support is untouchable. Salesman from CAT told us corporate is buying out Exodus Machines of Superior, WI, dumping the product and closing the doors to use it as an R & D facility for the new CAT line of material handlers. Pretty excited to see what CAT comes up with. Exodus was being sold by CAT years back, say about 2012, and CAT later dropped the product. 3 years ago CAT also dumped there own timber equipment operation up here and sent 220 jobs out the door and made an overnight ghost town. Be good if they find a new interest.
  8. Maybe increased driver confidence causing foot swelling? You are hyper analytical. Not a bad trait.
  9. Curve settles any arguements. You memorize that into your brain, like ECM software for your head, and drive accordingly. At your high end RPM torque/fuel economy/HP curve is diving head first right into the shallow end of the pool. EZ is driving Inside the curve’s benefits.
  10. If you get as far as taking it in you place the burden of identifying the problem directly on the mechanic. If it will do it for him while plugged in he shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding it..... including the basic instruments to check fuel pressure, aeration, etc.
  11. No argument but I still stand for what I posted.
  12. Thanks Mack Technician for the comment the CPU showed no codes But I haven’t had Mack put it on there and monitor it while it runs .what do I ask them to check ? Thanks Joe H for your comment and info. I just replaced the supply pump today no change in the sound or the smoke. I haven’t pulled the valve cover yet to check valve train. I’ll keep you guys posted.
  13. Check your fuel supply pressure; had my 95 e7-350 make the same sound for a while, only difference was mine did it at the top end, near 1800 rpms. Took 2 sets of fuel filters to get rid of it. First set cleared it up for a few days, second set made it go away for the past year or two. Your supply pump could be shot, not making enough pressure until it gets up a little bit in RPMs.
  14. My '79 Mack endt676 wants to go to 2100, 2300 max for your shifts. The 2400 he referenced is the standard gauge limit in most? Mack trucks. The engines never go to that (hopefully) but it's the peak reading on the gauge.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Might be curious to see what temp the computer thinks the intake is seeing and whether it’s actual......
  17. No pusher axle. My trucks are registered at 52k and 54k. Anything more than 55.9k I believe I have to pay highway tax which I don't need to, I don't go over 54k for my business needs. Occasionally I will haul some crushed concrete but it is rare.
  18. I just finished putting the pump back on and it works just like it should really happy with that. I mounted a muffler on it that straight pipe was hard on my hearing and fixed an oil leak down on the air compressor. I am going to take it out to a car show tomarrow. I can recommend diesel power service the guy repaired and no leaks.
  19. Don't know where you're located but .y dealer has been fine for Mack hubs in the past. Or you can try a junk yard...
  20. A cat used to crawl into my MH cab through the gear shifter opening when the latter was removed. I was unhappy with hair laying on the seats until figured out I had no mice instead. Mack supplys cushion foam for Bostrom seats but it's difficult to find a correct one. I had experience ordering such thing for my R-model Bostrom 715E at Mack dealership in upstate NY. The guy at the desk spent no less than half an hour identyfying my truck and the seat and even called to Bostrom. He finally stated he knew what it was and he had to order it from another location. I said Ok but when I showed up again in a week the cushion they got was wrong. I knew the truck could have the seat swapped during the years (their suggestion) but here in Russia are 3 R's from the same factory butch with 6 similar Bostrom seats. What I would do is to roam over junk yards and look for a passenger seat of the same model your driver one is. And than swap the cushion or the complete assembly.
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