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  2. There was a few 35-t low beds at the show that had more then 40-t on them more then once ?
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  4. It is a H model delivered June 1951. Got some more pics. Will post soon. Oil looks clean in it. Said it would take $1800+or- to own it.
  5. I like mine for my 15 stops a night. But like I said, It took a little while to get use to it. Hated it for a few weeks.
  6. Gee how did my tow hitch get bent and my springs come up through the bed and all of my tires are flat?
  7. Our guys love them. Personally I prefer an M-Drive or an Endurant over the Ultrashift.
  8. Worst part is we had a driver do that but not that bad, then he thought seems heavy so went to cat scale weighed and took it back, I was like you really didn't think something was wrong before you loaded it, it was to pickup a Cat 215 and it was a 235, which he put on a 35 ton trailer with 29' of deck, thankfully we don't have to work with him anymore, he went to Bennett where he claims he was driver of the year ?????
  9. Could a 2006 AC 427 be switched to a 2002 CCRS 427 by switching the front cover,intake and exuast manifold and turbo. If not what else is different?
  10. Used Mack RD690S Tri Axle Dump Truck for sale. Features: Double Frame, Page Non-steerable Lift Axle, 17 ft. TI-Brook Aluminum Dump Body with 4 ft. Sides, Auto Tarper, Coal Chute, Stainless Mirrors, Single Exhaust Stack, Painted Air Cleaner, Air Ride Cab, and more. Hundreds of new and used trucks, trailers, and parts for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. Two convenient locations: Coopersburg, PA (near Allentown) and Swedesboro, NJ (near Philadelphia).
  11. I said it is a Koehring 1066 and to bring the BIG trailer....
  12. Sounds and looks good Mike. I know you will find a suitable new owner for the pup.
  13. Back at a time when Mack put "Mack" on everything to do some promotion and advertising.
  14. Sounds good! A candidate for some preservation repairs. Glad it didn't go under the torch. When the price of scrap was high, LOTS of stuff came out of the woods and back pastures.
  15. Tom, how much did they charge to do your brake reline?
  16. What a cool place! Can you imagine working on old stuff like that for a living?
  17. Very few new rangers around here. Sales numbers are terrible, Nissan Frontier is outselling them.
  18. Double Ugly is a M75 that started its working life at Corbett Rigging & Hauling, there it was called Geronimo. After working von Corbett it went to Mashburn and then Bechtel. Several years ago it showed up for sale at Link Heavy Haul. then pictures showed up showing it working again still in orange and black without any lettering. Last picture I have shows with freshly painted red cab. After being sold by Link I lost the track of the orginal trailer that it had since Corbett times. Some years ago there was a red M70 for sale with an old Hoffman 300t Rogers trailer but with an different dolly as in the orginal configuration. I don't know where this set up came from since I did not find any old pictures showing this truck And then there ist the Hoffman M100. It also went to Mashburn and Bechtel and since then was parked somewhere in New York. I don't know if it survied hurrican Sandy. Its 600t Talbert landed in Allens Corner behind an Euclid R62 that started its working life with an impressiv 300t Eidal trailer in New Mexico. Keeping track of the smaller M-Series in Heavy Hauling (M15SX, M32SX and M45SX) is complicated since the amount is a bit higher in comparison to the LR(V)SX, M70SX, M75SX and M100SX.
  19. That would suck because if the guy who bought it did so to resell it i would have gladly bought it from him
  20. It was at the ATHS national in Reno this year. Nice looking truck, but I agree with the comment above that the long overhang might pose some problems if unsupported when loading.
  21. It maybe a governor issue buy more than likely it is not. I drove a few trucks that were really touchy just bobtailing around. Get a trailer behind them with a little load and they smooth right out. Some engines just like a load on to run right at any speed. The old v-pumps V8's do act like that more than a 6 cylinder. The only engine that is worse is my old supercharged 320 cummins that has a slightly turned up PT pump and I only run around bobtail. Got to slip the clutch when it starts bucking or lunging at part throttle to get it to settle down and keep in the throttle a little after that. Keeping the RPM's up seems to help the lunging as it is bumping on the high idle governor limit. Planting your boot heel helps steady your foot to. Another thought, I don't think your year engine has a puff limiter but that would certainly help dampen the throttle response and lunging.
  22. Just thought I'd cover that base; every time I've had someone ride along to train they leave their heel up in the air. Doesn't work with an air ride seat constantly moving over every bump!
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