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  2. Normally the delivery valve is removed and a old holder and old cut injector line are used. The "dump" tube method is used to check timing this way. This can be done with compressed air and a glass jar with water in it. When the flow goes to a bubble using air that is port closure. Using fuel and a little pressure the flow will go to a drop. I have not heard of setting timing with the #1 delivery valve in place by just turning the pump to get pressure and flow. I can say it is over 1000psi to open a delivery valve. There are other ways to check timing on a Bosch pump but it is done with a timing light tool. Most Mack engine manuals have a few pages on the different ways to set timing as well. Hope this helps.
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  4. Does Eaton sell many transmissions in Europe anymore? Seemed like a lot of Eaton transmissions got installed in the British trucks, but now that they're gone...
  5. Just wondering how much pressure is required to open the delivery valve when checking pump timing without removing the delivery valve, pressure and flow. Does anyone have any specs on the pump system that Mack dealerships use to use, thanks for any replies.
  6. No different than their "PX" range of Engines.. They're just Cummins Engines painted Silver.
  7. Showing someone drive a fuller 18 is worthless on learning how to drive a Mack 18, better shooting yourself in the head. read the book and hope you learn, and I say hope, I think a triplex or quad was easier or at least consistent, I really like the 4 reverse but the rest I can live without, and yes I drive one everyday and with bigger loads than most people and still don't like it, one good thing about the Mack 18 is when super hero steering wheel holder shows up and we let them take a spin, fun to watch them walk off talking to themselves. I 'll post pics. of loads going to Juarez MX, great fun, night time is real eye opener, 150' long and 10' wide right downtown, overhead crane beams.
  8. So trans is Eaton? as Maxidyne says. Less than honest spin by Paccar
  9. Thank all of you guys for your help. I really appreciate all of you taking the time
  10. Russia's new nuclear submarine Belgorod was launched at Sevmash submarine making factory in Severodvinsk on April 23. The submarine will be the first carrier of Russia's new ominous weapon - the Poseidon underwater drone. The underwater vehicle can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear munitions to strike aircraft carrier groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure. The submarine and the Poseidon drones will undergo tests for two years before they can officially join the Russian Navy. The Poseidon underwater drone is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional munitions at large depths at a high speed. The Belgorod submarine is a revised project of Antey 949A multi-purpose nuclear submarine similar to the Kursk nuclear-powered sub. Military experts believe that Russia can use the Poseidon underwater drone only in the event of nuclear aggression against Russia as a retaliatory strike. The drone is very hard to detect as it can travel at large depths and build unpredictable routes.
  11. Yeah it’s got to have it. I tried to make it work without it but it just won’t clear enough to start the nut. 41 Chevy that link is what I needed. I ordered it and should have it Tuesday. Thank you sir, if we ever meet up the first couple rounds are on me
  12. $275,000 to $300,000 Classic cars have always been a hit among auto enthusiasts, and that group includes the classic Ford Bronco. California-based startup Zero Labs Automotive decided to create an all-electric version of that iconic vehicle, or to be more specific, it’s a fully restored and re-engineered original Bronco, complete with aerospace grade carbon fiber bodywork, handcrafted walnut / bamboo interior panels, premium leather, a retro-styled digital gauge cluster and more than 1,000 newly-designed parts. Two caveats: it’s expected to cost between $275K – $325K and limited to just 150-units worldwide. Read more for two additional videos, pictures and information. It’s powered by a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery that is compatible with Level 2 charging feeding a 360 hp permanent magnet AC motor for a driving range of 190 miles on a full charge. The electric motor is paired with a five-speed manual transmission that sends power to a part-time/full-time four-wheel drive system. “The Bronco’s off-road prowess is further enhanced by the Currie front and rear differentials, an adjustable Fox coil over suspension, and Brembo six-piston caliper brakes. The electric Bronco is also fitted with digital telematics, a digital gauge cluster that sticks to the original design, and CAN network. All vehicle diagnostics and controls are placed behind a hidden screen and can be viewed on the user’s smartphone".
  13. Read operators manual; you can get it from google; Mack trans are different from Eaton
  14. Hello, I am working on my 48 EF and am in need of a drivers side window regulator, drivers side door latch and a stock exterior mirror bracket. If anyone has a source or a name that I could contact it would be appreciated. Thanks, Brent
  15. If you still have the bed PM me some pics and exact measurements and I might take it off your hands.
  16. Aside from the mods for the longer engine and shifter location the cabs are the same. Might need to do a gauge pod swap but most likely not. Paul
  17. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8kBwYIlS-08
  18. U wont see any of them thar 'V'Busses in this list LOL WotSezU? cya
  19. What’s Behind the Grille of the New Nikola Hydrogen-Electric Truck Jim Park, Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / April 24, 2019 There's nothing ordinary about the Nikola Two, the first Class 8 tractor unveiled by Nikola Motors on April 16. It has 10 tires and disc brakes, but that's where the similarities to existing Class 8 tractors end. Nikola Motor Company CEO Trevor Milton is quick to point out that this truck is not a diesel conversion, but something brand new from the ground up. "We had to build this truck differently, not just to be different, but because we found we couldn't make it work within the framework of existing diesel platforms," he said. "This truck will be competing with diesels and it will have to be better than diesels, so we knew we would have to completely redesign it." The styling cues for the exterior came from Japanese bullet trains, said Steve Jennes, Nikola’s Chief Designer. "When I first started drawing this truck, I wanted a clean, simple profile with an impactful stance," he said. "The early drawings resembled the trains I had ridden on in Europe and Asia when I was younger, where you could travel at 180 mph in complete silence and safety." While Nikola did not provide any numbers or context to back up its claims of aerodynamic superiority, the truck certainly looks slippery enough. Even though the motive power is supplied by zero-emissions hydrogen, energy conservation remains an important consideration, Milton noted. Power comes from hydrogen fuel-cell stacks developed by Nikola in partnership with Bosch that are designed to deliver extended vehicle range. The potential energy stored in the truck's 80 kilograms (176 pounds) of hydrogen yields 3 mega-watt/hours of electricity. Milton said 30,000 pounds of lithium batteries would be required to store the same amount of energy. "By comparison, the current version of the Tesla Semi has 1.2 mW/hr of onboard energy storage," Milton said. "That’s one-third the energy storage we offer, and that's a big weakness when it comes to the distance that truck can travel." Bosch and Nikola also worked in tandem to develop the first true dual-motor commercial-vehicle eAxle for a long-haul truck. The eAxle features Bosch rotors and stators. "We built this truck with 1,000 horsepower per drive axle, that means with a 6x4 configuration it could have up to 2,000 horsepower," Milton said. "We expect about 90% of the fleets in America will order this with just one drive axle. You'll save somewhere around 2,000 pounds by eliminating one set of drive motors and the gearing." Each of the 450 kW motors on the axle(s) produce up to 500 hp and 2,000 lb-ft of torque. "This truck had to be both zero emissions and high performance," said Milton. "If you're just zero emissions but less performance, like the other fuel-cell trucks, nobody will buy them unless they are running out of a port or some other limited area. And on top of that, if the cost of ownership is too high, again, nobody will buy them. This is the only semi that can beat a diesel in every category." Advanced Electronics But the Nikola truck is more than just a fuel cell vehicle; it’s a rolling super computer. One of the key elements of Nikola’s advanced system is the Bosch Vehicle Control Unit, which provides higher computing power for advanced functions while reducing the number of standalone units. "The entire infotainment system is a HTML 5 super computer," Milton said. "That's the standard language for computer programmers around the world, so using it let's us build our own chips. And HTML 5 is very secure. Every component is linked on the data network, all speaking the same language. It's not a bunch of separate systems that somehow still manage to communicate." The VCU will enable future innovations by providing a scalable platform for the highly complex electric/electronic (E/E) architecture needed to support the advanced features of the Nikola truck. According to Bosch, the Nikola family of trucks will be connected with an advanced and secure operating system that provides real-time, over-the-air updates and monitoring. Bosch also provides a camera-based mirror system, co-developed with Mekra Lang, known as the Mirror Cam System. It will replace conventional main and wide-angle mirrors and will provide drivers with a digital side and rear view from the truck cab. Two cameras, fitted left and right in place of traditional mirrors, feed real-time images to high-resolution displays mounted inside the cab. Aside from the aero benefits of dispensing with the large external mirrors, the Mirror Cam system offers enhanced night vision, glare reduction, and several driver assistance features. "This technology is a good fit with what the Nikola teams wants to do with the truck in terms of reducing the drag coefficient of external traditional mirrors and improving safety," said Jason Roycht, vice president of commercial vehicles for Bosch in North America. "Current trucks have multiple mirrors, but with these cameras and software we can stitch images together for enhanced views. We can enhance the image on the screen for increased clarity and we can even add colors to the displays; red for example, to increase the noticeability of possible threat subjects." Fleet operators will be able to digitally manage vehicle keys for the Nikola trucks thanks to the Perfectly Keyless system, also from Bosch. Freight and commercial vehicle rental companies can use a smartphone app to give their drivers access to specific fleet vehicles and to flexibly manage who has access and when. Sensors on the Nikola vehicles will connect with an app on a driver’s smartphone so that when the driver approaches the vehicle, Perfectly Keyless recognizes the smartphone, identifies the unique security key assigned to the driver’s phone, and unlocks the door. As soon as the driver moves away from the truck again, the vehicle is automatically locked securely. Bosch's other significant contribution to the Nikola truck is the Servotwin electrohydraulic steering system. The steering system will enable driver assistance systems that actively support the driver to enhance driving comfort and improve safety. On the Nikola vehicles, the Servotwin will help to enable such features as lane-keeping assistance, side-wind compensation, and traffic jam assist. The system also provides a key building block for the rollout of automated features in the future. Driver Environment When drivers finally get to climb aboard a Nikola truck, they won’t suffer. The demo truck on display at April’s Nikola World event featured a leather and suede interior (they made visitors put on rubber gloves before entering the truck for a tour), rather than the "horrible plastic interiors" they have now, said Jennes. "The idea was to build something so beautiful that drivers will really want to drive it." The truck features independent front suspension, disc brakes, a wrap-around windshield, and doors located behind the seat. A set of steps auto-deploys when the driver approaches the truck and retracts once he or she is on-board. That's keep the DOT guys from hanging off the mirrors during a roadside inspection. The entire dash is electronic, with a 21-inch, 4K display in the middle and a 13-inch display in front of the driver. The truck uses voice-activated controls rather than pushing buttons and reaching for various controls to help maintain a driver's focus on the driving task. And while the truck displayed was the day-cab version, Milton said the Nikola 1 sleeper cab is being developed simultaneously and will go into production at the same time. "It will be identical to the Nikola 2, we just have to extend the back wall," he said. "All the systems and tooling will be exactly the same for both trucks. The sleeper will offer a queen-sized bed, desk, office chairs, and more." .
  20. I know this is a Mack forum but there isn't much for GMC forums. Solo I'm looking at a Brig, it's cheap and runs goodbut the cab is beyond saving. It has a 6v92 and the only cabs I can find are Cummins or 6-71. Is it possible to use one of them? I assume the doghouse is longer and the shiftier hole further back, but that I can fix. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  21. BYD Refuse Truck Delivered to California City Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / April 19, 2019 BYD (Build Your Dreams) delivered a BYD 8R Class 8 Automated Side Loader (ASL) all-electric collection truck to Waste Resources to serve its customers in the City of Carson, Calif. This vehicle is the first all-electric refuse truck in residential collection operation in Southern California, according to the manufacturer. The heavy-duty truck features BYD’s propriety electric-propulsion system designed for refuse collection. Waste Resources’ new truck features cab, chassis, and propulsion system built by BYD and an ASL body made by Amrep, a Wastequip company. “Waste Resources is a forward-thinking company that is embracing zero-emission technology for the benefit of the communities it serves,” said John Gerra, BYD director of Business Development, Electric Trucks. “And we’re happy with the great work that Amrep does to help provide our customers with state-of-the-art zero-emission electric trucks.” As the waste industry moves to become increasingly sustainable, zero-emission electric trucks are the future of the industry, according to BYD. In addition to the first BYD 8R recently delivered to Waste Resources, the company has placed orders for three additional units, including another 8R Class 8 and two 6R Class 6 Electric Refuse Trucks. .
  22. Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / April 24, 2019 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. unveiled its Fuso FE CNG concept truck on April 24. Powered by compressed natural gas, the truck was developed with alternative fuels system provider Agility Fuel Solutions The OEM said the truck “represents a working collaboration of both companies, potentially providing a more environmentally friendly work truck option for the United States and Canada.” The FE CNG will provide a 15% to 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and more substantial reductions in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx), according to Mitsubishi Fuso. The CNG system on the concept truck is certified to the California Air Resources Board’s optional low NOx standard. Because CNG engines produce essentially no particulates, the aftertreatment system is a simple three-phase catalyst instead of the complex aftertreatment system found on all newer diesel trucks, stated Mitsubishi Fuso. In addition, the truck “produces no smell or smoke and is actually quieter than a diesel-powered truck, ideal for urban operations.” Agility provides CNG cylinders or systems for more than 60,000 trucks and buses worldwide. On the Fuso FE GAS truck, Agility is providing a complete end-to-end CNG fuel system, including dual side-mounted CNG storage systems with 30 gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) capacity, an integrated regulator assembly and a fuel fill panel, and a CARB- and EPA-certified low-NOx natural gas fuel system for the GM Powertrain V8 6.0L engine that is standard on all FE GAS trucks. Mitsubishi Fuso added that the FE CNG concept truck is estimated to have a driving range of 190 miles. In addition, the CNG fuel system drives the OEM fuel gauge, providing the driver with a familiar fuel level between empty and full, rather than a pressure value, said the OEM. Also, because the CNG system does not significantly increase the weight of the truck, “overall payload capacity for the FE CNG is not greatly impacted, allowing operators to continue to deliver roughly the same amount of goods compared to other powertrain models.” “Using Agility’s experience in CNG will benefit our customers by enabling a reliable, integrated CNG-powered solution for our existing FUSO FE GAS truck models,” said Jasmin Kluge, project manager for alternative fuels project, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. “The additional benefit is its total cost-of-ownership advantage: lower fuel cost, less maintenance, less emissions and less noise, making this a win-win for truck fleets’ bottom line and environmental stewardship.” “We are excited to work with Fuso to develop a CNG option for the FE GAS platform,” said Brad Garner, Agility’s president – Powertrain Systems. “CNG is an excellent option for return-to-base and urban delivery fleets, with an attractive total cost of ownership.” Mitsubishi Fuso noted that further tests and market studies of the concept truck are under way “to determine the next steps for this product— with a potential CNG aftermarket solution from Agility occurring by 2020.” .
  23. Sorry it took me a while to get back, busy here lately, The dozer in the picture is a 1953 Caterpillar D4, 7U series with a Caterpillar 4A manual angle blade, direct drive, pony motor start with 6796 original hours. The picture was taken the day I picked it up a couple months ago, I use it in my part time grading business along with my Cat 941B.
  24. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. unveiled its Fuso FE CNG concept truck on April 24. Powered by compressed natural gas, the truck was developed with alternative fuels system provider Agility Fuel Solutions View the full article
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  26. my company has a 2000 rd triaxle with a mack 18 speed in it and i think it has a 400 or 427. it is soon to be my truck. problem is, the previous driver left the company and i dont have anyone to teach me how to shift it. i had never shifted a splitter transmission until today and i did awful. the gears ground so bad when i was trying to split. at what rpms do you upsplit and down split.? what is the max rpm and minumum rpm you can split? going down hill at moderate speed, do you heel/toe to split down while throttling up or throttle off then split then throttle on? preselect splits. are there normal sounds i should be aware of that may have me wondering if i did something wrong? there are so many more questions i have and techniques i need to learn before i really get on the road. i need a lot of practice and im scared of damaging this transmission.
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