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  2. Many thanks for pictures. I had hopes to attend the show this time but it didn't happen.
  3. Along multiple different R-model configurations (R600, R700, RS etc.) no less than 20 different engine models were installed in them.
  4. So our great president offers up Doral resort for the G7 for cost or free if it can be done legal wise, but the liberal loons go off the deep end, he will get free advertising, his company will make money, oh the corruption of it all, never mind the fact that it would be free or almost and that would save tax dollars, which the left really does not care about, they will just send the taxpayer a bigger bill, Democrats do NOT care about the average person, they stick it to the taxpayer every chance they get, now Trumps business can't donate Doral because at some point he could profit, well let's see do think any one would have anything that they would need to hear from Obama if he had not been president, another words he profits from speaking to brain deads only because he was president, otherwise there is nothing that comes out his mouth that any one would want to hear.(other than I am guilty of treason) You have to be completely insane to be a Democrat,. Now AOC has come out for Bernie, a complete anti American, save the world at the cost of the US taxpayer, but he does reserve the right for himself and others that think like him to prosper but the rest of us can live in poverty, think I saw that movie, did not end well for anybody. I only need to be God for 10 seconds and I can fix this problem.
  5. Today
  6. there is Tshirt companies everywhere that will put anything u want on them,,,just take in any photo.to them...i have a 5-4 shift pattern plate in my DM if you need a photo of it...bob
  7. forgot to mention,,,,,nice selection of chicks man.........😉..bob
  8. ohhhh ya,,i would gladly except both R models...bob
  9. that shiny red dump and that R model would look good in my yard..yes also a ford man,,,we have 3 of them.lol.bob
  10. ENDT 866 in it needs an alternator . $3500 or best offer
  11. 10-4 on the sound.....they sound real good.....idling or going down the road.....talked to a fellow at watts show,, quite a while he hadda later one think it was around 1975 cant remember....real nice guy
  12. in fact ive got some body panels,,,ill be selling soon on here that im not going to need...for DM-U model.....im sure i wont have any trouble getting rid of them....bought them 30 years ago for a U model i wound up getting rid of....bob
  13. and yes,,,we dont have rust issues here,,,,my DM was originally from texas,,,its clean as well...that body rot can be a real bear to fix,,,,especially with these real old rigs,,,cant find repair panels anymore...bob
  14. Would help with approximate year and H.P. terry
  15. So anybody have any idea where the pictures are domiciled.?
  16. yes i was surprized to see that delivery truck still out there working....i havent seen one in years....that one looked real good,well yaken care of....didnt look beat up at all,,,that was the real interesting part....paint in good shape....truck looked like it had lotsa work ahead ,,,nowhere near retirement.didnt recognize the outfit,,,was delivering downtown Reno.bob
  17. Hey guys, i need complete engine for Mack Truck R model
  18. Its crazy how many White fleet trucks were on the road and how few are left.
  19. there was a GMC flatbed,like that one i been passing for years in luning nevada....sitting in someones yard along with abuncha other vehicles.been looking at it since around 1990....often wanted to stop and ask if they wanted to unload it,,,,but usually i pass thru middle of the night....then just a few years ago it was gone.....im thinking someone bought it and is restoring it.....atleast from the road looked to be pretty straight,,,,maybe someone is having fun with it.....bob
  20. thanks Bob. I use Chrome. I'll try using Firefox which I also have. I imagine that '94 in Reno is totally rust free too.
  21. single axle dumps,,,usually only see them in city and state,road maintenance ....bob
  22. that louisville is gorgeous....i drove one a short while back around 1994,,,really liked it....interesting i just recently saw one here in reno still out there delivering,,,bobtail...truck was in real good shape...... love to see those people doing a good business ....if this will help you i use BMT through tapatalk,,,and i am able to post photos on here right from my phone,,,but i cant post videos for some reason....bob
  23. lol red would look bad ass on that one.....bob
  24. wow that thing is gonna be gorgeous....a friend of mine put that exhaust setup on his R model....perfect sound....also i wish i had your time and ambition....when you finish up,come over and finish my DM.ahahahahahaha..bob
  25. I remember some butt-hole named Chris Sissick came on here one time and gave Mark ( vision386 ) a hard time for posting one of his pictures of a Mack. I remember him, because he had a picture of an F.L. Moore truck parked at a truck stop in N.J. on Hank's site. Hank said you could use the pictures for your own use or educational purposes, just not to post them on facebook or your own website.
  26. Nice pics, thanks. That Diamond T is super-sharp!
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