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  1. or he is senile and forgets what he went out to the truck to do................
  2. there was a short run TV series in the late 80's called "the highwaymen" with an under trailer tractor that had a 6V53 detroit in it. the jetto truck: the highwayman Jacko's truck:
  3. damn 41, your photochops are almost as good as udderdogs.
  4. them some "different" looking bedbugs ya got out there. never seen them quite like that here in Joisey!!
  5. you aint got nowhere near enough grease and grime on your hands and clothes to be working on that truck!!
  6. that is one purrrty B.
  7. yea, but it would look real purrty behind your "B" Larry.
  8. nope. the second one is Chloe. the third from the left is Kim
  9. they should have charged the truck driver with attempted vehicular manslaughter instead of improper passing.
  10. last i heard Bill Hiler sold off all or almost all his trucks and got out of the trucking business.
  11. i ran a 69 white 9000 for 5 years pulling a low boy in the early 80's just like the one behindthebarn posted. 290 cummins with a 10 speed. the engine in that one was not tilted, but it was halfway into the cab
  12. looks like one of the radiation detectors used in the ports, only without the scanner arm that goes over the trailer
  13. yup. build a little platform to go over the 5th wheel ball and plywood fits in there just fine.
  14. i put a few miles on a few of them. the 79 i put 450,000 miles on, the 88 i put 550,000 on, then i moved to r models and put over 1 million miles on 3 of them before moving to triaxles.
  15. unless you can put a full 4X8 sheet of plywood or sheet rock in the bed without breaking it, i consider it a car.