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  1. In both our VMAC 1 and VMAC 2 books I could not find a 3-6 code. 1996 model should be a VMAC 2 however the 1996/1997 tune up guides list both engines as still being made.
  2. I would say that more than 85% of our new truck sales have been M-drive and Allison's . Also in the used trucks department, we buy up all the Eaton Ultra shifts we can find as that's what all the farmers around here want. I been here since 88 and never would have thought the auto trans would take off like it has. It would make sense to drop the Mack trans as if someone did wanted a manual, they could order a Eaton. Good or bad , times are a changing.
  3. I finally found it. And Mack does have it in stock. EUP SQUARE O-RINGS.pdf
  4. Part number 935-F00NH37759. I cant get it to pull up in the Mack parts system and they have removed the service bulliten on it. But they are some out on the web for sale.
  5. Right here sb213040.pdf
  6. Here's the oil flow diagram , not sure which filters gets oil first scan0389.pdf
  7. You can do it on the truck, it's tricky but it can be done
  8. Hers some info on the Centri-max Centri-max.pdf
  9. There are about 5 different Mack codes that PSID 90 crosses over to. They all have to do with NOX level or DEF issues. Not much you can do with out the Tech Tool.
  10. Its very hard even for the dealer to look up fault codes unless you hooked to the truck with Tech Tool and get the actual fault code number . Code should start with a SPN**** or P******. Thats the only way we can look them up.
  11. Fuse 74 in the fuse panel on top of the dash is the dimmer/dash light fuse. Or the head light switch which has the dimmer circuit in it. Thats about the only two things I can see
  12. Use new injector hold down bolts and inspect the injectors closely or you will be doing it over soon. There are lots of steps . Get and use the graphit paste like it says. The inector now ony uses the top o-ring. Take your time and you will be OK. We have had a few customers buy the tools and try it themselves with mixed results. Sleeve replacment.pdf
  13. Do a starter draw test if you have the equipment. Should be 650-700 amps. We had a few trucks that were 1400 +amps and seemed to crank great but it was pulling voltage away from the ECM's and the EUP's would not fire. It happened off and on. You could check voltage to the engine or VECU while cranking and it should be around 10 volts and not lower. Heres a "crank no start" check list engine_cranks_no_start.doc
  14. Bad wiring/rubbing ground or open , which sounds easy till you try to find it on a MRU or a LEU. They do have new updated part # on the atomization module Atomization Moduel.pdf
  15. Here is a low power checklist from Mack. Its for the ETECH 1998 through 2001. It might also be helpful on the 2002-2003 CCRS engines as well ETECH low power checklist.pdf