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Another Work Of Art Rolling Out The Door!

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I just finished another B-Model work of art! Fully Restored Dash Panel! This one is leaving this week to a customer. I am working on another dash and some door panels for the upcoming Macungie show...

Just thought you guys might like to oogle it before I pack it up!

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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Barry, I really think that you should send one to me DownUnder so that I can test drive it (for say 10-15 years) fitted on the right hand side of my cab just to make sure that it works OK in the Southern Hemisphere and on the left-hand side of the road. Can't be too careful. :thumb::chili::D Rod.

Proud owner of;

1961 Mack B61 prime mover.

1981 International ACCO 1810C DualCab Fire Truck

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I'd be happy if ANY of my truck looked that good!!

Beautiful work,Barry-your pride in workmanship shows!

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