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  1. I like the FWD's I had three but parted two out for my best one and as soon as the fund$ become more available going to put a 237 mack and 6 speed tranny in it!
  2. After frame fix I would go with full jake brake more exp but worth every penny they are adjustable.
  3. Yeah I miss her but she was beyond tired and too heavy couldnt haul but 16 ton but gotta 20 tonner now got make every thing ya can now n days.
  4. In my gallery. The one with the super dog head lights.
  5. Had to retire old 77 and got a 95 rd688 350 punched out to 427 "Lots of puppy power" 8ll tranny 417 gears 44 rears 1 owner and well took care of. Took a few things off my 77 and made me fell a little more at ease, but this one grew on me fast! Cat killin' and cummins draggin' and lovin it!!!!!!
  6. Name: MACK aka BERTHA RD (1977) Date Added: 31 August 2008 - 11:51 AM Owner: Bulldoggin' Short Description: Old coal truck from W.V,turned into rock/dirt hauler. Best truck ever had!!!!! View Vehicle
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