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  1. What are the exact measurements on the frame rail for centers of the trunion stand bolts? Distance between and from top to bottom of rails.
  2. Are you wanting the factory grey? $500 at r and h mack
  3. michael c

    R Model

    Looking for 1990 or older R model shorter wheel base.
  4. michael c


    Anyone make a reproduction seat in the origional tan color?
  5. I have a 1995 rb tri axle that started popping the parking brake vale seems to be getting air back through the system some how?
  6. Do you still have the B 57? Thanks childresstrucking@yahoo.com 8122393963

  7. I know this is an older post. ARE those b 57 parts? You still have any parts left? Hood upper fender panels?
  8. michael c

    B 57

    Went back got more pics. I have tried the guy just won't let it go. It is my grandads old truck. Weather and vandals are not doing it any good...... 😧
  9. michael c

    B 57

    Im about 99% sure this is my grandads old truck also. I didnt mention it to the owner i figured it would "cost" me more if he knows it has personal value...... Which i didnt figure it even existed anymore its been gone for about 40 years and the fact i happened accross it out for a drive is probably a billion to one chance.
  10. michael c

    B 57

    I have found a B57 tri axle its in rough shape as far as i know not running what is it worth? I know they are a more rare model and so does the owner.
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