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  1. What where or who is the 13 speed in my 99 CH 613 gold bull. It makes me went to cry thinking it's a Renault trans . It says Mack Renault on the tag.
  2. This is exactly what I was looking for thanks for the input.
  3. Am I correct that seats need to cost about $1000 to be worth buying, or will $600 get the job done?
  4. I just bought a 99 CH613 Mack to build a new to me utility bed truck. We spend a lot of time in the seat so I will be putting new seats in it. I know it takes about 1000 bucks per to get a good seat. Does any one have some good advice and experance to help me. I am woundering what brand, what price, and what supplier. Needless to say I would like to spend less money but I have bought crappy seats in the past and don't want to get stuck with bad seats for thousands of miles.
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