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  1. Which grill emblem are you talking about? The A30 tag or the Mack grill shell top? There was a nice guy that had some A parts available and next time I call home I will get his number. Some parts are interchangeable with the E and L models.
  2. I didn't get to make the Wellington show this year because of the new job,,that was always my birthday treat. This was last year there. This is 2011,, Always a good time there. We would arrive on Wednesday and camp till Sunday afternoon. I hauled all my gear and the golf cart on the bed of Faith.
  3. Great! I think my mom was in the one photo!
  4. Not gonna drive Faith out here, I am only gonna be here a year. It would take a very long time at 45mph to get here Only the government could afford the fuel bill!
  5. 2 days of being here. How now brown house,,for a year anyways.
  6. Our project is behind the big brown building. It's about a quarter mile away. They have a Bobcat UTV or a pickup truck to take me there if there is an emergency. The refinery has crews also. Stack flare the other day. Scared the wife when I showed her the pics. They run a nitrogen ferilizer plant here beside the refinery.
  7. The arch View out side my office
  8. I'm alive against some peoples wishes!
  9. I'm still around,,sorta. Yes I moved to Brewster a few years ago. Most recently the ambulance company I was working for started cutting hours and announced that they were closing my station in Milersburg. I was told that I may or may not be able to bump someone. Seven years there, a Lieutenant to boot, and I can't bump? Thirty hours a week? I found a great job and turned in my 2 week notice. They had me on for 11 hours the one week and none the final week. I am a travelling medic now for a company based in McHenry Ill. I am currently in Coffeyville, Kansas at a refinery project till October of
  10. Thanks Ken. I've just been busy at our new ambulance station this year. We opened 5 new stations and I picked the small one in Millersburg. It is like a working vacation compared to the hours I was working in Akron.
  11. 297! Damn man I didn't know she lost so much weight. Good for her. Now maybe she can start riding in the cab of your A instead of the dump bed.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have been busy with a lot around here. I even had to reload my laptop programs and forgot my password for the forum. We spent that weekend camping at the Wellington show for our local ATHS chapter. I will get some pics up soon.
  13. I think Rob married a Jersey girl.
  14. Just a few of my funnies that seem to hit home.
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