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  1. Returning to service an Evans heater for a 53 A40.
  2. Jim, I received a response to my query from the Mack Historical Museum today. Attached you can see a letter from them regarding my truck. However, nothing was mentioned about the anomaly in the VIN you spoke of. My guess is I would need to specifically ask about this to get any response. Anyway. Among this letter I also received a copy of the build sheet for the truck reflecting it's order Number of A40X2613 and the VIN (chassis NO) at the bottom of the sheet showing in deed the number A40X- 9799
  3. Can any one tell me if a 1953 A40 with factory air brakes has a low-air warning system. I have been dismantling the truck for a restoration and have yet to see any devises like a light or a mechanism that makes an audible sound. All I have seen at this point is the air pressure gauge located between the engine gauges and the speedo indicating to me that the truck was built with them by Mack. I will presume that DOT would require such a system if the truck were to run the public highways . Even if they didn't, I would for safety reasons. Where would the low-pressure switch be located (in general) if it does have one? Thanks
  4. Jim, Here is the VIN plate. It was on the seat bolster as you said. I cleaned it up good enough to see the data stamped into it.
  5. Anybody know if the heater box or cabinet from an A model is shared with another body, like maybe the B model? Mine is pretty much rusted out. Like to find an original replacement before I go the the trouble of having a tin-snip make one from scratch.
  6. Looking for complete door and window seals for a 53 model A cab. I understand that many parts are interchangeable with the E cab? Perhaps this will be some kind of "close match" seal that will work. Any help appreciated.
  7. Okay. I recall seeing a plate there. I also remember it too far gone to read. I will see if it will clean up good enough to make out some of the information.
  8. Sure can, if it did not rust away with much of the rest of the truck. It will be several days before I can get back to it. Where would the plate be located giving it is still there? Sorry for my ignorance of the truck. I know so little about it, but it is in very good and will quite a truck when I am done with it and will do Mack proud.
  9. The serial or VIN number is A40X9799. Perhaps someone can decipher this for me and tell me exactly what model A it is.
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