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  1. Which grill emblem are you talking about? The A30 tag or the Mack grill shell top? There was a nice guy that had some A parts available and next time I call home I will get his number. Some parts are interchangeable with the E and L models.
  2. I didn't get to make the Wellington show this year because of the new job,,that was always my birthday treat. This was last year there. This is 2011,, Always a good time there. We would arrive on Wednesday and camp till Sunday afternoon. I hauled all my gear and the golf cart on the bed of Faith.
  3. Great! I think my mom was in the one photo!
  4. Not gonna drive Faith out here, I am only gonna be here a year. It would take a very long time at 45mph to get here Only the government could afford the fuel bill!
  5. 2 days of being here. How now brown house,,for a year anyways.
  6. Our project is behind the big brown building. It's about a quarter mile away. They have a Bobcat UTV or a pickup truck to take me there if there is an emergency. The refinery has crews also. Stack flare the other day. Scared the wife when I showed her the pics. They run a nitrogen ferilizer plant here beside the refinery.
  7. The arch View out side my office
  8. I'm alive against some peoples wishes!
  9. I'm still around,,sorta. Yes I moved to Brewster a few years ago. Most recently the ambulance company I was working for started cutting hours and announced that they were closing my station in Milersburg. I was told that I may or may not be able to bump someone. Seven years there, a Lieutenant to boot, and I can't bump? Thirty hours a week? I found a great job and turned in my 2 week notice. They had me on for 11 hours the one week and none the final week. I am a travelling medic now for a company based in McHenry Ill. I am currently in Coffeyville, Kansas at a refinery project till October of 2014. I was told on Friday August 30th to be in Coffeyville for work on Tuesday morning. No Wellington show this year! Momma bear is not handling this too well and she hopes to fly out the end of October for a week. I was staying in a small motel for 2 weeks and just signed papers on a house to lease here in town and moved in Monday. No furniture, bed, fridge, nothing but my clothes and some linens for now. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I will post more often from now on, I promise. Pics coming soon. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks Ken. I've just been busy at our new ambulance station this year. We opened 5 new stations and I picked the small one in Millersburg. It is like a working vacation compared to the hours I was working in Akron.
  11. 297! Damn man I didn't know she lost so much weight. Good for her. Now maybe she can start riding in the cab of your A instead of the dump bed.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have been busy with a lot around here. I even had to reload my laptop programs and forgot my password for the forum. We spent that weekend camping at the Wellington show for our local ATHS chapter. I will get some pics up soon.
  13. I think Rob married a Jersey girl.
  14. Just a few of my funnies that seem to hit home.
  15. Congratulations and blessings to all your family Tom. Get him a Mack shirt now and start driver training soon.
  16. Nice!!!! If I grew apples they would taste like grease and WD-40.
  17. We have a few that we use verbally to other staff,,never on a report though! TOTMP- Took one too many pills TMB- Too many birthdays CTD- Circiling the drain CCFCCP- Coo coo fo Co Co Puffs Jeff Foxworthy had "Aorta",,,Aorta fix that!
  18. I work today then off all week till Sunday. Just gonna wash Faith and drive her a little for now. i've been driving the Dodge for a few months now and putting a little time and money into that. Gonna do a new exhaust soon,,,,the 440 is a little loud without mufflers or much pipe!!!!
  19. That is the same model I have on faith. Is your dome glass or plastic? I run a plastic one but I do have a clear glass dome tucked away! Send me the info you have on that guy because I'm looking for some parts. It does look good up there.
  20. Are Nikki and the baby doing good? I know that there were some concerns a while back and just want to be sure everything is good. I'm not wanting to pry into your personal life too much but I do think about them often. Tell momma I said hi. Things are stupid busy at work,, paperwork, then memos, then paperwork to prove I got the paperwork and memos. Gotta work this Memorial day so no parades this year till July,,but on the good side 17 hours of holiday pay!!!! Lynn just started with the Red Cross 3 weeks ago. I'm glad she is back to work and happy at her job.
  21. I met them at the Dover Steam Show last fall and they wanted me to make an offer on the truck. I was curious about it and knew that they bought it at an auction for a low amount. They are a big IH family and didn't really know what to do with the Mack. I'm glad that you got it and not some a$$hole who will butcher it.
  22. Your kinda ride? It is just a tandem,,,they have weight limits ya know? Does momma know about you lookin at rides other than her? Momma can carry way more groceries and her "exhaust" is probably louder!!!! :loldude:
  23. I would leave the tree there, what is it protecting if people make it further into the yard? My dad would never get the ditch in front of his house filled in because it stopped a few cars from getting into the yard further. Write down her address and give it to the charity so they can send her a thank you card, it just might make her feel like shit, if not they can flood her with solicitations for years to come.
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