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  1. does anyone know where i could get a set of front wheels like this for my 66'? i want those wide heavy duty looking wheels for mine
  2. Name: mack B53 (1966) Date Added: 20 July 2010 - 09:25 AM Owner: Mackb53 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. well thats cool, i never knew the 66' model trucks were rare.
  4. yes sir, the aluminum tanks are going on soon. im 20 miles from galveston, so the salt air rotted it away. this is the cab were restoring to put on the truck.
  5. Iv been thinking about shortening the bed some, and putting up some poles and winch. I think that ol truck would make a cool winch truck.
  6. this is me and my dads project, its a 1966 mack b53. the cab has rotted away becauce it spent most of its life down here in southeast texas. we had an old parts truck that had a nice cab on it, so we are working on swapping the cabs. it has the ol 673 mack diesel. the drivetrain all works well, its just the sheetmetal thats bad on this truck. ann pionters or tips would be much appritiated.
  7. i understand man. i think i might try to fab up one myself, we'll see how it goes
  8. wow man that looks really nice. would you make more to sell?
  9. thanks man. i checked out the b model store and found some stuff i need. as for the paint, i think i will get my local auto paint store to match the paint.
  10. i hear that there is a b model catolog you can buy, iv been looking for something like that but cant find anything. does anyone know of anything like that or where i can get one? also, im getting pretty close to painting the inside of my cab. i want to paint it mack green, but i cant find any either. does anyone know where i can get some? any help would be appriciated.
  11. i want to get a sun visor for my 66 b53. iv seen the ones on the b model store but i want one of the ones that look more round like you see on old cars and such. iv seen very few on b models in pictures. i was just wandering if anyone knowes where to buy one or do i need to custom make one?
  12. that old wrecker is real cool. that would be worthy of a restoration.
  13. it kinda looks shorter but i think its the same length as a b61.
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