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  1. Thank you for posting this, I had not seen it before and I could not possibly agree more. What to me is even more disturbing is that this is but a miniscule fraction of the criminally ignorant and dangerous decisions being made by our government. People keep pointing the finger at this politician or that President but to me that is absolutely not the point. The point is our government has swollen so far past the point of being able to support itself or it's policies that its agenda has done a complete 180 - a government for the people, by the people is now an all consuming entity bent on exponential expansion and complete control. And it is entirely our fault. In my opinion this country has been headed in the wrong direction for as long as I've been alive and my father shared the same view. We as a country have lost the ability to compete with the rest of the world because of nothing but greed and ignorance. Common courtesy and common sense are virtually extinct, individual enterprise is crushed by corporate giants, an honest days work for an honest days pay a thing of the past, every kid gets a trophy, laws and regulations and fines and penalties and incarceration for virtually every single anything you can think of...... it just doesn't end. You watch, it won't be too long before you'll have to wear a helmet to take a shit....and that'll only be if you have the proper licenses and permits of course. I do not at all like what I see in the foreseeable future so I'm out.....4 more years here and then the wife and I are disappearing way out into the woods......may sound a bit harsh but after that I really don't care what happens, I'll watch all the lemmings run off the cliff. We as a population have allowed this disturbing situation to occur right in front of us, it sure doesn't seem to me that society as a whole is getting any brighter, the politicians more ethical, or the system being less bloated or corrupt.....and it is going to take something drastic to alter the course we are on......it doesn't matter who's the captain, it's still the Titanic and it's inevitable.....we're going down. Rick
  2. Damn Rob - that's the one. I am impressed - never thought I'd be seeing that old girl again. Not so sure on the choice of color but what the hell....that thing sure sounded nice....
  3. Superdog1988, that is a sharp looking Super, reminds of the one I drove for Donny Tompkins out of Greenville - except yours is far nicer.....I don't remember seeing too many guys running Superliners in the woods back then, Donny had I think three, Pelletiers had a couple, there was a guy running around with the greenest Superliner I ever saw, bright lime green Daytons...saw a few running out of Canada but all in all not a whole lot. Loved mine even though it had the 440 - still would take quite a package. What does yours have, an E6,E7 or E9? Can't beat the look of a Superliner with a Stairs style headache rack set just like you've got it, and with the self-loader you have yourself a nice bit of rigging, I sure would like to run her through the woods for a bit....best driving there is, if you ask me, is up in the North Maine woods hauling logs - T3R14 sticks in my head for some reason but you gotta love that you are so far out there that there are no towns, nothing just townships and regions and squares on the map.
  4. Hi all, and Happy Fourth of July. The family I work for lives in Pepperell Mass. and the town held its Independence Day parade this Saturday. We put together a beautiful float and dolled up my R model to have in the parade and let me tell you....we had a blast. My wife rode with me in the truck and we followed our float though town, blowing the air horns every 3 feet and waving to everyone like it was going out of style. One of the last of the good old small town American traditions and it was great to be a part of it with my wife and my friends....so now I'm going to bore you with a bunch of pics.... Rick
  5. Success at last. Took the pump back off and to a different shop to be tested where they determined the flyweights were indeed binding. They repaired the issue and the pump now works as it should have all along - thanks for the help. Rick P.S. "The problem is with who put it on and not the rebuilder." I am the one who put the pump on and while it is well within the realm of possibility that I may have done something incorrectly (I did not) I do not subscribe to the idea that simply because an item has been repaired by a shop or garage that it has been repaired correctly.
  6. Hi Rob, we have another throttle arm in stock so I will do as Fred suggested tomorrow.(Thanks again Fred) I failed to mention in my first post that when standing next to the truck with the hood open and the engine running I run the engine up to full throttle and release it, the throttle arm will spring back through say 90-95% of its travel toward the idle position and then you can watch it creep the rest of the way to where it should be. Watching this action was what led me to believe that the problem was in the pump. As for this pump shop(D and W diesel in Oxford Mass.) I am going to speak to the shop manager tomorrow and see what he has to say about getting this right, I spent $2K to get this pump rebuilt and they had damn well better stand behind their work and correct this situation to my satisfaction. Hopefully I will have more luck than I have had so far. Thanks, Rick
  7. Hi fjh, the throttle arm was replaced towards the end of last year when I was trying to cure the surging issues I was having before I got the pump rebuilt so the springs and the pivot are both tight with no play or slop. Thanks, Rick
  8. Hello all, I recently had the injector pump on our 89 E6-350 rebuilt and while the issues that caused me to get it rebuilt have been resolved, I now have a new problem. When I release the throttle pedal, the engine rpms quickly drop to 900 rpms, from which point it slowly drops the rest of the way down to the idle setting of 650 rpms. This is preventing the Jake brake from actuating when it should and I wind up coasting for anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds before the Jake kicks in. Also, if the road is at all rough the Jake seems to "bounce" on and off as the rpms slowly reach idle. I brought the truck back to the pump shop and explained the problem to the "technicians" that rebuilt the pump and they refused to even entertain the idea that there was a problem with the pump, telling me that not only would they not go for a ride with me so that they could see exactly what the problem was, but said that the problem was electrical, a bad clutch or pump switch for the Jake and would do no further trouble-shooting until I had replaced both switches. Despite the fact that I knew full well that the switches were good, I changed them out for new ones, thoroughly examined the throttle linkage for any symptoms of binding, increased the throttle return spring tension and ........same problem. I now have the idle stop backed about all the way out, using the jake switch as the idle stop and it works a little better but still is not right and I am at a loss as to what I should do next. Any and all ideas, thoughts or suggestions on this are greatly apreciated,sorry for the long winded post, Thanks, Rick By the way, its a PLM pump with an Ambac govenor.
  9. I've run the King unit for about a week now and have found that I need to increase the travel of the cable to reach full throttle and still let it return to idle. I called Steve again at King and he gave me step by step instruction on how to reprogram the unit for the extra travel so I will do this tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes after this is complete, have a happy Easter, Rick
  10. I cant believe Randy is running a Freightliner...when I drove for him he had 5 Petes and a Western Star. The Pelletiers were running doubles all the time back then pulled them with what Andrew uses as a crane carrier now, all wheel drive RM's with E9's making 600 + horse - those guys know full well how to make a Mack run......Rick
  11. Hi Guys, I hit the Panic Button every time some idiot almost kills me while they are on the phone or texting or doing anything other than drive - its a miracle that poor thing hasnt worn completely out. Rick
  12. Well all, after a few delays, I finished installing the King Cruise unit today and after a few minor adjustments, worked exactly as it should have during a quick test run up the road this afternoon. Installation was straightforward, I like the way its set up,and its a solid, well-built unit. Wiring is the most time consuming part of the install but overall not too bad of a job. Steve at King Cruise answered the phone on 4 seperate occasions and helped me with all of my questions - very helpful. Wont have a chance to really test it out until later this week (rain tomorrow and the next day da#$@%it) but from what Ive seen so far Im very pleased.. Rick
  13. Absolutely right, once we got it lined up, slid right in. The rest of the job has been straightforward, put her back together in the pouring rain Wednesday and all seems well after roughly 35 hours running time. Noticeably improved performance and egts. Thanks for the help, Rick
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