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From what I’ve  that she disappears a lot I understand they do some thing for a living. Ordinarily, that requires a lot of their attention. I thought they were into racing somehow not sure I’m sure she will be back though. …. And yes, her update on progress was amazing. I have never seen anybody go through a truck so fast really amazing to me since I’ve had mine 29 years   And I’ve barely scratched the surface lol Bob

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14 hours ago, mowerman said:

Thanks for that all the same I have never seen anybody go through a truck so fast that manifold impress the shit out of me.. Bob

I know..... that manifold was something.  I had a good feeling about that guy when I saw the picture of him tig welding by the highly flammables in the shop.  They did go through that truck like a house on fire.  Often wondered what ever happened afterwards.

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