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Hey high binder happy 75th


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1 hour ago, High Binder said:

Thanks Bob! I'm still kick'in just not as high. I check in a couple of times a day but mostly just read the threads. Who ever said the later years are the golden years is full of crap.

at 71 yrs old; i've been saying for a while now ;; the golden years aren't golden at all  only the dr's reap the gold from my wallet .  going for round two(yr later) of cordo shot in the knees next week. don't want to hear what eye dr tells me when i make the over due appointment.   I can't stress it enough to the youngsters reading these posts"TAKE CARE OF THE BODY YOUR STUCK WITH" . the yrs go by faster than you'll know. 

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2 hours ago, High Binder said:

Thanks for all the well wishes!  Paul, my mind tells me I'm still a young fella, but then my body reminds me that I'm not.

I know the feeling well!!!!!!! My big fight is my sugar..

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