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Do I need a new rear end?


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No metal in either rears. You can hear a howling noise if you listen close in the video, all of them spin like normal except the one you can see barely moving in the video. Pulled the axle on that side and it’s not broken!? Engaging power divider changes nothing. So am I looking at a new power divider or a whole rear end? 
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

video below.


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I cant tell if all four wheel was jack up or not but if you run one side jacked up and other side on the ground then your running thru your diff gears and you cant do that very long or you can damage the side washers in the diff nest.We can only guess whats going on with a 10 second video.

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glenn akers

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The one that isnt spinning isnt the axle with a power divider so that shouldn't be the issue 

If only one wheel isnt spinning, thats pretty normal when jacked up like that as it is turning on the spider gears 

The power divider is in the front diff so will have little effect in this situation 



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