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Why do some Mack trucks have the steel hood and grille and others the fiberglass tilt hood?

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Yes that is a difficult question but the most common would be the DM 600 series there were over a dozen different numbered models steel hood for some fiberglass for others the DM 800 had even more numbered models but all with steel hoods same with the later RD 800 I have seen pictures of R models from Australia that had an optional steel hood also

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I believe that all R models in Australia had the largest radiator that Mack had available at the time, regardless of motor fitted


As to the steel bonnet, they were all that was sold pretty much in Australia in the early years as the general consensus was that fiberglass wouldn't last


It actually turned out the otherway, fiberglass was a lot longer lasting, easier to work on and looked better to boot

Damage was even lower from roos etc hitting them



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Some models of the DM and R series were available in both fiber glass and steel butterfly hood. 

However some like the DM800, RD800 and the RM series only came in steel hoods

The steel butterfly hoods were advantageous to give access to servicing especially if you had things like snow plows  or other things mounted on the front that prevented the hoods from tilting.



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