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Biden and Mack

Steve L

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Saw Joe Biden on the news here a couple of days ago, he was giving one of his speeches and was surrounded by quite a few new Mack’s. Don’t know if he was at the Mack factory or the scene was purposely set up, but one things for sure he wanted to be surrounded by an American icon. 

Maybe just maybe the government or a private conglomerate will purchase Mack’s back from Ovlov (remember a buyback happened with Harley Davison) my feelings about Volvo is as soon as they build a conventional cab Mack will disappear. Don’t know about in the US but here in OZ, if you go into a dealer for parts for you “OLD” Mack which was built before Volvo started building them then Mack is a dirty word. I started in Mack’s workshop in 67 and spent 2 years of my apprenticeship in Bougainville, mid 70s I purchased my first Mack and am still running them. So I have seen a lot of changes and of late I’m saddened and appalled at how the bulldog is ending up. 

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I guess it depends on your deale, Mack in Townsvilleare perfect, its quicker for me to order stuff over the phone and get it air bagged to the other end of the country 

Traralgon are good

Dubbo is pretty good as well

Laverton are okay

SwanHill are okay

Mildura are a waste of time, yet they own the SwanHill branch

It really depends on the dealer 

But hands down Jenny in Townsville is the best and the rest of Townsville spare parts crew are pretty bloody good as well



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True, recently I needed a couple of fuel tank cap gaskets ( you know the ones that are made of cork ) I requested 2 tank cap gaskets for the large brass caps. He toddled of to his computer with my vin and started tapping away, after quite awhile he returned asking me ‘ what does a tank cap gasket do ‘ doh I nearly fell over. What hope do we have. Haha! 

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