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1986 Mack Fuel Injection Pump

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I have an 1986 Mack no fuel to injector lines 

it is a right side pump. I have a good left hand side pump will the parts from the left hand work in the right hand side pump to make it work?



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Ok maybe I'm missing something here but I'm not familiar with left and right hand side pumps. Only pump I've ever saw on a E6 Mack is on passenger side

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Im as dumb as the rest of these buggers on here as I have no idea what your talking about


Your going to need to give us a little more information, what type and model  of motor, what model truck

If you are unsure on these just take some whole photos of the truck and the motor and I'm sure we can start to point you in the right direction 



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I think he means as in "P" pump.   like a P7100 can basically be what's on stuff like a Mack (right) or a 5.9 (left) 

If that's the case he'd be best not to attempt it himself (lol) 

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