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air ride cab

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Im guessing you could if the bonnet (hood) was a fiberglass one

If it is a steel bonnet (hood) I dont think you could as it has to bolt onto the cab, unless you do what they do with sleeper cabs in Australia and mount the bonnet (hood) and cab all on the sub frame and the bonnet (hood) and cab moved as one



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You will have to locate the two steel plates that go onto the top of the firewall, & the rollers that go onto the hood so the cab won't beat on the back of the hood, or the hood beat on the top of the upper cowl, either way-- the hood rollers float on top of the two plates on the firewall on an air ride cab.

The real issue here would be to convert the rear cab mount to accept the air bags & shocks, air valve & leveling rod.

Big problem, big job.

Might be able to convert an R model or RWS rear cab suspension assembly to your cab.



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from what I know You can mount a used R model cab air suspension. or if the DM sits up higher look at a superliner air bag set up.

Biggest issue will likely be mounting the lower bracket to the frame.

I did a air ride kit upgrade to my RS700L I used a superliner set up as my cab sits up high. I had to fabricate up lower mounting as my fuel tank brackets were in the way.

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