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  1. thats right its the 20 series that have the .60 overdrive 2060 2070 2080 etc.
  2. correct me if im wrong but doesnt a mack 13 and 18 speed tranny run a .60 overdrive probably not the cheapest route but a possibilty if found a good used one
  3. i found a donor truck and got everything off of it from a guy i know so got it right as a trade off i run an 8 inch stack so definitly sounds good
  4. just curious if anyone on here has every made a dm cab an airbag air ride in the rear instead of the stiff rubber blocks
  5. i put jakes on a 91 dm with a em7 300 definitely doesnt brake as much as other engines i hear but still sounds cool i wont do it either if its going to cost you a lot of money i believe the jake number you would need is a 680 model i think the 690 model is for the etech
  6. i bought it used from a guy local it was in a tandem or tri axle dump as well but it may have originally been a road tractor not sure can the input shaft be switched out ? or is there a lot more to it than just that? he told me he wasnt keeping it for a back up tranny for other trucks because it wasnt an overdrive said truck had like 3 something gears in it
  7. so the insides (gears) are small ? should i not use this as an option in my dm its a tri axle dump truck gross 68000 lbs usually and have it off road quite a bit
  8. tag on transmission says rt8908ll no O or X according to my eaton fuller manual the rt and the rtf are not overdrive transmissions am i correct on this
  9. i dont think all 8ll are overdrive the one in my truck is an rto the used one that is in better shape with less miles is an rt no o which stands for overdrive
  10. But will going from an overdrive tranny to a non overdrive tranny drop my top end speed back lower than it was.
  11. I have a 1991 mack dm 690s with a mechanical em7 engine. It has an overdrive eaton fuller 8ll which i installed years ago and 4.42 gears that also i install years ago. Tires are 22.5 on the steel wheels that have the wedges. I have a parts mack that has alum 24.5 wheels and 4.17 gears. I also have an eaton fuller 8ll tranny that isnt an overdrive. My question is which of the setups will run the faster speed. The dm like it is now or if i switch out the three items ...tranny gears and tires
  12. i too have a 94 e7 350 that i plan to put the bosch 7100 p pump from my 91 em7 on id like to know what turbo and injectors you end up using on yours id like to get a little more out of this engine as far as horsepower
  13. has anyone ever switched a em7 300 hp to a e7 350 my 1991 dm690 dump has the em7 and I think its losing power instead of rebuilding it I also have a 1994 ch613 parts truck with a good e7 350 engine only thing is the 94 has the bosch pump with the 7 pin electric connection my 91 is bosch pump with linkage for the throttle what would be my best route to chose 91 em7 has eaton fuller 8ll 94 e7 has eaton fuller 9 speed thanks for all help on this
  14. i have a 91 dm690 tri axle em7 engine i went from a 2080 mack tranny to an eaton fuller 8ll also went from 573 rears to 442 love the different setup not such a big jump between gears you will need the bellhouse that accepts the mounts and also the mount brackets as the mack engines have the engine mounts on the bellhouse i also had to shorten the drive shaft hope that helps
  15. i know personally where you are coming from on wanting more gears. I switched my 2080 with a Eaton 8LL. I had an Eaton 13-speed first but it got stolen. So then I found the 8LL and went with it. I did change my rears from 5.73 to 4.42 to keep top speed. You may also have to lengthen driveshaft but that's not a big deal. I say go for it. Those Mack trannies are tough but not enough gears.
  16. If it were me, I'd stick with your 90s Macks.
  17. e7 or em7 what transmissions my 91 dm has an air line going to the bosch fuel pump and with it not having air to it it doesn't pull a hill worth a darn. Found this out when I switched to a fuller 8ll and didn't have the air line hooked up
  18. has anyone ever changed the fuel plate on the p7100 pump on the em7 300 engine like the dodge cummins 5.9 12 valve people do if so did it increase the horsepower or just make a lot of black smoke id like to get some more horsepower out of this em7 300 but dont want to melt the engine down id like to hear from someone who know this engine and what exactly to do to it without harming it thanks
  19. From the album: Tanny

    fabricated this ram air intake on my dm to hopefully get more air to engine now i need to bump up the fuel went with usa logo bc this was back when a mack was an american made MACK
  20. From the album: lukeandres

    eaton fuller 8ll with the dog on the lookout
  21. do em7 mack engines have a puff limiter built in 1991 has a 7100 p pump on it
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