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Looking for information regarding dump boxes of the 70"s

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I'm a private collector and scale modeler , I'm looking to find out if it is the Atlas truck bodies company that was making the Dump truck bodies for the Mack DMM600 coming out of the Oakville Mack plant in Ontario Canada ?
If so I'm looking to get the specs of those dump bodies to fabricate one for my own collection
the dump box was high in the front and had a slanted finish by the end .

Mack DMM600 Atlas box.jpg

Makniac , collector and customizer of die-cast model in 1/50th scale

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to the best of my knowledge, trucks came from factory back then without body just like they do now. 

after being built, the cab chassis is sent to whatever body builder the buyer/ supplying dealership specifies for body install. 

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any updates on dump body specs or even better any pictures of your DMM's. i'm back to model building thanks to cold weather and virus lock-down. always enjoy seeing scratch-built. hopefully i can get a newer catalog from plastruct . they have large  selection for plastic fabrication 

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Hi-Ho was not the builder, but the customer 

D’Darrio (not sure of spelling) was a BIG contractor out of Bridgeport, Ct



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