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Cleaning inside of fuel tank.

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We did that kind of shaking. Hanged a tank on a pair of cargo straps, poured 10 liter of diesel in it and addad half a bin of gravel. Than shooked back-forth by hands. I had two young guys hired at the time and they did gym with the tank for 3-5 minutes a time changing each other. After 3 or 4 attemts they went to do something different and came back in an hour or so. Took them a couple of days for one tank (we made two) to get off rough rust but way not as after sandblasting.

Of what I later read on here some folks attached a tank to portable cement mixer or a rear wheel of agricultural tractor and rest spinning for a few hours. Telling truth these ways seem to me more preferrable than shaking.

Another possible alternative is cutting one bottom or a hole in the back side and sandblast through it.


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i have filled B model tanks with water, ground the welds smooth, then took a sharpie and drew a line around and cut the ends off with a sawsall. have it sandblasted in and out and coated inside with Red Cote, leaving it a few inches from edge, then welded ends back on, poured more Red Kote i and swished it around where it was welded. all good for Diesel but if its a gas truck you cant put and garbage Ethanol gas in it or it will eat the Red Kote off


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