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Funny T-Shirt!


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On 9/24/2020 at 1:05 PM, doubleclutchinweasel said:

I think this was at redbubble, or something like that.  Love it!


I will never order anything from redbubble again, nor would I recommend them. Found some masks there (knew I'd need them at the hospital for the birth of my newest kid) that I thought would be funny (and I wasn't wrong). They both were bearded faces, with similar color/texture as mine. One was a "serious" look that I wore right up until my daughter popped out...then I changed to the one that had a big goofy grin. I bought a few others, too, with phrases such as "Let's pretend this mask is useful" and "Covid-1984" and the like...for when I'm somewhere they are required. I CCW, so I'd rather not have some imbicile causing a scene around me because I'm NOT wearing one. Anyway, I paid over $70 extra to expedite the order (it was close to the wife's due date) in order to get them in time. They didn't even SHIP until the expected arrival date...and even then, it was standard shipping w/o a tracking number. There is no customer service phone number or email...have to reach out to them on social media. Took them 3 days to get back to me. Despite my giving them the order #, they said they needed my email & shipping address before they could help. I sent it to them. 3 days later, I hear back from them again and we FINALLY start going back and forth. They blamed the virus (which had been around since long before I placed the order) on the delay. They also blamed shutdowns in the state they were being made (which was also BS, because I ordered a new IWB holster & double mag pouch around the same time from MTR Custom Leather in the same state, and got those ahead of schedule). They blamed the state of affairs at the shipping companies (fedex/ups/etc) for the delays...which again was BS because I placed an order with Summit Racing AFTER my order from them had allegedly shipped, and it arrived BEFORE the redbubble order...and was FREE shipping, not $70+ expedited like redbubble was supposed to be. They did refund the $70+ I had paid to expedite the order, which was all I was asking them to do...but the BS involved to get it was ridiculous. Like I said, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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Sorry to hear about all of your issues supposed to be a fun time for you although very hectic you really didn’t need the extra bullshit ...Well I never heard of them I certainly won’t be buying anything there.... anymore I don’t really like to use imfamiliar websites bob

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