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help air blowing out ehx on new d2 gov on start up

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2006 mr688s just replaced d2 because not building air on idle  at startup its constantly leaking air out of ehaust port. So i have to idle up to build air but once air is built up it stops also getting alot of water in tanks at the end of the day. Is this signs of air compressor failing i replaced it 2 years ago with bendix reman Any insight i would be grateful!!

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FLA is a little humid so that isn't helping with the water.  Sort of surprised that the purge on the dryer isn't keeping up.

Could inspect the air inlet to the compressor and the discharge for any damage, kink or restrictions to help with slow air build.  If there is carbon buildup in the discharge line, the line should be replaced.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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If you have ruled out air leaks and excessive usage. try bypassing the air dryer by hooking the 2 big lines together, then checking operation. it pressure goes up correctly, repair the air dryer. just a thougt.. Jojo..

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Got a bad D2 from Mack not long ago, out of the box. Wuda pain. 

You need to gauge the system and figure out if the Governor is lying or if you have a leak somewhere. You don’t know what the Governor is sensing coming from the wet tank because you have no normal gauge there, it’s isolated from primary and secondary by check valves. Wet tank is the third unmonitored tank your Governor uses. It a septum tank usually. 


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