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Thank you sir !

i will for sure its in pretty good shape !  My first R model I looked for a while for a decent one I could afford 

the older gent I got it from did all new brakes  drums s cams and bushings wheel bearings etc 

new wheels spacers rears are virgin case caps  steers are brand new 

it runs and goes over the road good 

I'll post more when I bring it home next week 


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2 hours ago, Red Horse said:

5 speed?  Started  life as a tractor??

Yes was a tractor yrs ago I’m sure 

was sold new at lawerence Mack in mass

nice older gent I got it from it was a spare 

for his buisness he said it was time to downsize and he didn’t like it sitting 


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16 hours ago, 1957B61Vt said:

I have found an 86 with 300 engine and 6 speed 

frame is broke spead badly I’m trying to buy it  

good move if you can swing it.  Just know  for sure which 6 speed it has.  The TRXL 107 has a low ratio of 14.10 and the TRXL 1071 has 23.08 ratio.  I believe it was really ment for mixers  so they could creep along while pouring curbs/sidewalks etc.  Friend of mine has one and I quickly learned no way you could go from the hole and grab first direct-at least I couldn't.😰  But if you put the main in 2nd and the spliter in low you could take off with a load and then go to first direct with  the splitter on the high side and you would maintain speed.

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Thanks for the info red horse !

its the 107 

it’s my first r model guys keep telling me to put the 300 in it and the trxl107

not sure I will unless I don’t like it as is 

thanks for steering me in the right direction 

I really like this old truck people say I’m crazy for not getting a newer truck 

but I’ve always liked R models since I was a little guy 


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Thank you !

im pretty excited

cab corners rockers and floors are all good too !

I was so surprised to see it so nice !

the owner said if you come look you will buy it 

he cleaned it up 2 yrs ago to have as a spare and now he’s downsizing 

never had to put it to work 

it also has all new drums shoes bearings seals  cams and bushings 

he said he did it like he was gonna have to use it everyday very nice guy 

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