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1960 Mack B-70T

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I am told they are great engines.  Not a huge amout of power and hard on gas but strong.  They were used a lot in the fire service.  They would sit and idle forever when pumping.  The major problem I have heard was breaking manifolds.  I am told it is the same block at the 673.  I'm sure there are many who can give you better information than me. 

This truck looks better in the picture than it does in person.  Mike

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The 707 is a great engine. When we first brought our LS wagon home the carb was still running a little lean but the governor was still kicking in in 5th on some of the straightaways, if that’s any idea. Even before we brought it home and it was running on 3 cylinders, the handle on the landoll trailer we were hauling it with got stuck and on the 3 cylinders the truck was climbing about a 35-40° angle. It sounds amazing too. After driving around in it you can still feel the beat in you chest for atleast an hour afterwards. Still have yet to get it pumping, though I did see a B with a 707 pumping, and it pumped like a beast, it’s not often they have to yell at you to turn the pressure down. Granted all of my experiences are with fire engines but I’m sure you can get the idea. Wish I could submit videos on here because I have a few of us running around town with it.

Who needs a back yard when you could have a :mack1: Yard?!

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