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Water in Diesel - 04 CV713 Won’t Start

JNM Equipment

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Hi Guys,

I’m troubleshooting my 04 Mack Granite CV713 after I had a bad case of water in diesel. It was spluttering and initially thought it was the filters that were bad. But when I pulled the filters we realized there was a significant amount of water in the diesel.  We drained the tank of the contaminated diesel and got clean diesel. We have bled the injectors and changed filters but the truck just keeps rolling.  Following that there is evidence of fuel getting to the system, the truck starts with quick start solution briefly but is unable to start on its own - just keeps rolling. 

Grateful for any any suggestions or insight on this matter. 


Jordan McLean

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22 hours ago, Mackpro said:

Loosen the injector lines one at a time at cylinder head about 3 turns and pump hand primer pump till you get fuel coming out, tighten and repeat on at least 3 lines then try to start,  the ASET AI and AC are hard to get air out of fuel system. 

What He said! 

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40 minutes ago, JNM Equipment said:

Thanks but still no luck as we’re not getting any signal when we plug in the diagnostic computer to see what’s wrong. 

Worth mentioning that primer pump is not holding fuel (not getting firm when we pump it) and injector 1 and 6 looks like it’s not getting any fuel. 

Sounds like you may be sucking air...are all the filters tight? Did you have any fuel lines loose when draining it? A loose or cracked fuel line will suck air.

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13 minutes ago, Mackpro said:

Does the engine hours show up in the display on the tach ? If not , the engine ecm is not powering up or the J1939 and other communication lines are down.  

For my own head, are there any fuses for the ECM"s

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Well ended up getting another engine control unit and got it reprogrammed to the main ecu. Put both in and the same problem continues to happen. Following that I got the truck diagnosed, we could see that all 6 cylinders are inactive and not receiving fuel. The code FMI 13 PID 91 came up which relates to the throttle sensor. Changed that and the problem is still occurring. 

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