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Wix filters


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                                   Some filters are better than others for sure, but if a bearing goes to hell and a rod puts a window in the block the brand of filter doesn't matter much. IMO

                                   The thing for trucks is the oil change intervals are done at the right mileage and on time every time.


                                    Truck Shop 

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Mack's own recommendation ever since ESI has been 25,000 mile oil change. I have done 20,000 (mostly for easy math) with good results. 3 filters and 56 qts. IMO 10k is overkill. As far as filters go, the Mack filter kit box has always been the cheapest way to buy filters. 25 years ago, my former employer did some research on filters, and found that WIX used recycled BANANA PEELS as filter media! He nor I ever bought WIX filters after that!

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Also recommend using the Bulldog 15W-40 oil (mobil delvac 1300). We buy it for $2.68 qt from the bulk tank at our dealership. Have to pump off to our own containers, but not too much trouble.

Mackpro would recall the bearing roll-a-thon from the early 2000's when Mack came up with the P1 campaign. We changed low end bearings to a tighter to get oil to the top for jake performance. We got to see all the wear character of Rotella Vs. Bulldog users on a lot of trucks. Bulldog won, much less "orange peel" displacement.     

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Yup for that brief period the filter kits came with dog turds in place of the water filter ! The casting sand fiasco did happen about that time !

That.s one of those things that  I thought should have been a PI Campaign  but it never was!  Other than if you had and overheating compressor ( check here  note! )  Still run in to the odd block with a the casting sand issue with liners removed  is very evident ! 

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