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Forgive me if I'm posting this on the wrong ace as this is my first post. Ive always been around bigger equipment, but never really old macks. I need as much help as I can get because I have no idea what model this truck is or if it's even from American originally. The Vin sticker says something about France. And I need to know what motor is in this thing, someone said something about scania motors? Any information is helpful.


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Both the "MS" and its conventional twin, the "CS", were built by Renault using the same cab that was used on Ivecos, DAFs, etc. in the 1980s. Renault owned Mack at the time and these models

gave Mack two medium duty trucks to sell in the U.S. In the mid 1980s, I had a part time job driving an "MS-200" for an air freight company in New Hampshire. It wasn't a bad truck for the 

job but the exhaust was located beneath the driver's door; some days you needed an SCBA to get in and out of the cab. The truck that I drove had a nomenclature plate that said it was 

built in Brazil. I wish that I had taken a picture of it.


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3 hours ago, fxfymn said:

Call McDevitt Trucks with the VIN and they should be able to help you out.

Thanks man, I called them and I was on the phone for an hour the guy in the parts section was very helpful and was as interested as I was. Turns out it is cs300p but he couldnt give me any info on the motor this is all the info he could find:

05/01/89 build date

21,000 rear

12'000 front

75 gal fuel tank.

He did give me some # regarding the engine: MIDR062030B00007649EK

He also said I better hope it runs good because parts are getting scarce

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The engine is Renault. I suppose nothing similar of its components to anything made in North America.

I know some Renault engines were named MIDR. Haven't dig deep into that matter. Seems like you're in this ball park.

Try just googling Renault Midliner and you will probably learn the most about your baby.

I suppose it's pretty easy for me being on my side of the globe locating parts for your rig. But for you it might be found out as a headach.


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Bulldogboy, I used to work with a crew that picked up new medium duty  trucks at various body plants in 1983 for Ryder truck rental! One was a Renault built Midliner ! They were very unusual trucks after driving American built medium size trucks! It had an exhaust brake actuated by stepping on a large button on the floor, and it had a backa$$wards shift pattern that took awhile to get used to! They seemed to disappear off the road after a fairly short while!

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