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Brandon dump body?

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Anybody have a Brandon dump body? looking at them but not sure how heavy (thickness of 450 brinell steel to go with) They offer a fha body with 3/16 floor and 5/32 sides and a fhd body with1/4 inch floor and 3/16 sides, I haul mostly dirt and asphalt but occasionally concert and broken asphalt.The difference in price is. Couple thousand+.

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Don't know the weight difference, but I would go with the heavier body, you won't regret it. The thicker body will stay straighter for alot longer.    terry:D

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I put a Bibeau BMT on my 87 in 2004 and there are no dents in sides and none in floor. The top layer of the floor is getting thin about the last 3 foot of it. I work as a for hire truck and haul everything from concrete slabs and foundations, broken asphalt, ledge, and processed materials.


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