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  1. We are planing on pulling the pan and do pressure test. I can not remember that while doing the pressure test what the problem is in relation to where the antifreeze is coming from like outside the liners or inside, if this makes sense. What I can't understand is why does it come out of blowby. Pulling pan this weekend. Thanks
  2. We have 2 problems with this truck, 1. small amount of antifreeze coming out of blowby tube while running. It goes through 1 gal every other week. 2. There is a rattling sound when compressor comes on and goes away when the governor cuts out. Compressor , governor and air dryer has been replaced. Truck is an 04 RD 688s with a 427 and 18 spd trans vin 067670, any help would be appreciated.
  3. I put a Bibeau BMT on my 87 in 2004 and there are no dents in sides and none in floor. The top layer of the floor is getting thin about the last 3 foot of it. I work as a for hire truck and haul everything from concrete slabs and foundations, broken asphalt, ledge, and processed materials.
  4. RD 685s has 350 EM-6 4V with 7spd T2070 trans. 15' BMT Biebau box Truck now has hub piloted rims in rear, Spokes to pricey to replace 18 frt, 20 tag, 44 rears on Hendrickson.
  5. RD 688s, 427 with 18 speed Mack 20 frt, 20 tag, 46 camel back
  6. If there is too much overhang on a dump and you place the hinge to far back, when dumping the tailgate will hit the ground on some. If you pave with the truck your tailgate will hit in the paver and lift your ass end up off the ground negating the trolley brake and send you rolling outside, dumping your load in front of the paver thus you will have a bunch of pissed off laborers who have to shovel it up.
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