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whats it worth

joes mack

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the neighboring department is looking at a 1980 cf  50 ft telesquirt the truck starts and runs good but has a few problems the paint is cracking and bubbling in the normal spots. but the biggest problem is it has a hydraulic leak in the turn table. and has a electrical problem when the boom is turned to a certain spot (cant adjust the nozzle ). the pant and body work is not a problem but the boom issues kind of have me worried. what price would be fair to offer for this truck. and roughly how much to have the hyd leak in the turn table fixed.



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the hyd. leak "could" be a simple seal. Getting access would be the expense.

the electrical could be related.

You first need to get to the turntable workings to see, and then figure from there

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12 hours ago, 1958 F.W.D. said:

Not enough information to help.

Need mileage, hours, engine, trans, pump and tank size, maintenance records, has the aerial been certified recently??? How about the ground ladders- certified? Pump certified? 

How about the body- where is the rot? How much? 

it has a em6 300 engine  Allison auto 1250 waterous pump 500 gal tank 30 gal foam tank it was last certified 5 years ago. no ground ladders, and pump has not been tested in five years. truck was last used 2 years ago on a large building fire and has been sitting in the station except for being started and moved about every 3 months.

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300 and Allison HT740 are a plus.

Foam system is a plus, especially on an elevated device

No current cert for aerial, pump and no ladders are huge negatives.

ALL CF's that age have rot under the driver and officer's feet. There is also rot in the steer wheel wells and the jump seats, espcially the battery boxes. There is also rot in the body, around the wheel wells, upper compartments (if equipped) and at the compartment doors- the question is....how bad is the rot? Assuming that the truck is in typical 1980's CF condition regarding the rot, no recent certs or ground ladders and not knowing the issues with the hydraulic system I would say no more than $3000 to $5000 depending on the variables. The lack of certifications is huge. At the very least I would want to see the most recent on before I signed a sales agreement and even then I may be hesitant to pay any more than $3K because its been so long. You could pay 5 for the truck, have someone inspect the main and come out with having to pay 8K in repairs to the main. 

Edited by 1958 F.W.D.


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Yep, and it amazes me that more are not bought up as engine donors for OTR trucks since most fire apparatus outside of the urban areas are retired with less than 100K miles.

I also believe that most post 1990's apparatus will not be collected as they are pug ugly and all look the same, so you will probably see the price of used stuff go down even more.

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