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That may be one of the Road Ranger "Super 10" (a 5 speed which you split each gear) transmissions which had a very slow shifting back box due to a wide ratio difference.

With the one I drove for 3 years in the middle 90's, starting out uphill and/or with a heavy load, the splitter/back box shifted a lot faster if you drove it like an old Spicer 12 or 16 speed of the 50's-60's by going thru neutral during the splitter shift. Some guys would shift it with the Jake, BUT that had to be hard on the whole drive train!! By the time you got to 5th the momentum of the truck allowed it to shift OK. I think (??) this transmission was the basis for the first autoshifts where it would split 5th automatically. 

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I had one of the Super 10 top2 in my CX. Had it set up so the auto split only works when cruise control engaged. That way you can hold 9th gear if you need to. I liked it, but Brocky you're right it was slow splitting... Had to be patient like driving a Mack 5 speed lol. Never had trouble with the transmission. I know where that truck is and it is somewhere around 2 million miles by now.

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