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walk-in sleeper gasket

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 Hey guys,

 looking for info on a project am doing. Taking a daycab Brockway 761 and making it into a sleeper truck..... the sleeper is a rest rite 36'' single cutout. It has the hole a bit bigger than rear window.

 What I need though is I want to  make it into a walk-in/sit-in bunk. Need a part number for a RW with a walk-in sleeper for the gasket, and will make the hole in consequence of the gasket. Hoping they are still available...........any help would be appreciated



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I've never seen one with a bunk most of them were overnight freight trucks are trash or Construction think I've seen one or two and photos Maybe good luck I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding what you need...bob

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Gudday M8

Here on D udder side of the world they tend to over engineer most things purely for survival

most heavy duty sleepers are mounted on a continuous sub frame from the front of cab to the rear of the sleeper box

so it all rides together over our ruff roads

the walk in sleeper I removed was 64 inch it only had a thing rubber type gasket to keep the water n dust out

here is the removal of the hi rize walkin sleeper from a 2010 Mack Titan





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The days when "Rubber Duck Mack" fan website was full of power I sawed a picture from there.

It was adressed to modelbuilders who were requesting technical details.

You can see the measurments of the sleeper and the shape of the walk-through cut out.

When I had my R-model bunk redone I referenced to this drowing and found out it wery useful.

The upper part I kept original (which just reflected the rear window opening) and the lower design was made as there.

Worked out fine for me.


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