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2006 granite wearing drive tires


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I've got a 2006 granite cv713 that I can't keep the drive axles in line new trunnion bushings new spring end pads new toqure rods or will tear the spring end pads apart after a few hundred miles then the rear drive axle shifts and wears tire on right rear drive what could I be missing? 

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3 hours ago, theakerstwo said:

I run two lift axles and rubber will not stay with you. Rubber pads now is not same as they were 45 years ago.

In the days of Mack Trucks, we sourced our trunnion pads (and all rubber insulators) from a quality supplier called Lord.


However, I suspect Volvo long ago shifted to a cheaper supplier.

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Are you using the insulator spacer blocks in the spring boxes?  Has the wheelbase been checked between the front rear axle and the rear rear axle?  There are offset spring end pads made to compensate so each side will be reasonable close in measurement.

Especially if rubber spring end pads are bring used, the blocks are to be installed lubricated with soap NOT grease.

Who knows, maybe at some point, an incorrect length torque rod was installed.  There are several lengths available. 

Here is a bogie alignment diagram.  You will want to verify what the correct dimension values for your 2006 are in case they are different then the ones shown. 



Mack Bogie.JPG

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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