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Air con losing gas

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I have an ecowind diesel air conditioner fitted to my truck, 



over the past 18months it has lost its gas about 4 times. It keeps going back and they say they hey find something but only for it to happen again. They also told me they have filled it with nitrogen and left it for 24 hrs and there was no drop in pressure. 

Is there a dye you can add to the system and it shows up with a certain type of light once it has leaked out? any thoughts?

they also said it could be he Tx valve? Would that cause the same symptoms as low gas?

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Hi Paul. Nah, these guys haven't done the dye yet. I think in this case the dye would work well. It takes a few months to lose gas so it more than likely wouldn't show up in 24hr leak test. 

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I am amazed they havent put dye thru that is sort of standard thing out here even in a new system a lot of the time people put dye just encase this type of thing happens it takes you straight to the problem 

They can put dye into the system at any stage even now your local aircon bloke should be able to add it and at least you will know for next time 



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a small can of dye added to the system will allow then to look at each connection with a infrared light to find the leak, some dyes will show with a black light.

i use a "sniffer" too. took me 3 years to find the leak in my crown vic, the schrader valve in the high pressure side connector had a chip in the rubber and it would not seal properly

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 Dye check and or a sniffer is your best shot. I personally would start at the weakest point, the schrader valves like TJC mentioned. Start by snugging them up  and check  with the sniffer. R-12 or R133 is a "heavy gas" so check around and below the valves and fittings,    Paul


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